Halo: Reach Also Gets A Wireless Headset

Along with controllers and consoles, Microsoft today also quietly revealed a Halo: Reach-branded wireless headset for the Xbox 360.

Selling for USD$50, the headset will be available a little ahead of the game's launch in September, hitting stores worldwide in late August.

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Paradise Lost3068d ago

Wow Microsoft are looking in every way to take peoples money.

hassi943068d ago

Well they don't force people to buy it! People don't even need it since the Xbox comes with a wired headset! It's just an option...

Also, I bet Microsoft get that money :P

SixZeroFour3068d ago

exactly...dont think he owns a 360 so he wouldnt know that every xbox comes with one, unlike his ps3

this is just for those diehard fans, not like everyone will buy a big halo fan, but im not gunna buy it cause i already have the one that came with my pro

Paradise Lost3068d ago


Before you make assumptions i do own a 360 with a wireless headset. Im just stating that MS are trying to look ways in selling the halo name everywhere.

And im also a ps3 owner as well FYI unlike you who probably dosen't even own any console..

RockmanII73068d ago

If you put your 360 gamertag on your profile, people won't assume you don't have one.

SixZeroFour3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

your right, i made an assumption, but one based on looking at your have no shame putting your psn, but you have shame putting your xbox live gamertag?

i have one console (no need to think im that poor, that was a cheap shot), a 360, gamertag shame there, dont have a ps3, would get one for killzone 2 and 3, and gow denial there...i already knew you owned ATLEAST a ps3 cause you had your psn up, i ASSUMED you didnt have 360 cause again you didnt your gamertag up

my comment was towards your hate towards ms and thinking everything is a cash grab...merely stating its for those diehard fans

RockmanII73068d ago

I actually might get this, my headset just broke a week ago so I think I can wait for Reach to come out to get one. Do any of you guys know if these are gonna be limited/rare or can I buy one whenever?