SDCC 10: Halo: Reach 'Hardest Halo Ever'

Are you ready for a challenge? IGN hopes you just answered yes, preferably out loud. At San Diego's Comic Con panel for Halo, Community Director Brian Jarrard vowed that "this is the hardest Halo ever."

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Blaze9293038d ago

fire up the 4p co-op then! Can't wait to tackle this on Legendary

BiggCMan3038d ago

why in the world would people give you disagrees!?!?!? un fuckin believable. u just simply stating something. nothing biased, or immature. man idk, im really thinkin bout leaving this site, or at least stop lookin at comments, w/e, its late im goin to bed.

KingKiff3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

It is because of Blaze929's history. When you piss enough people off they disagree no matter what every time they see your name and try and steal a bubble.

He is not a troll, but his comments erk some people (not me I think they are funny) but you get that on this site.

I just ignore the agree disagree buttons, it only matters if you get banned for trolling when you are not at all.

Jerk1203038d ago

It's the PS fanboys man, they don't have enough intelligence to conjure up a response so they hit a button that does it for them.

-MD-3038d ago

"It's the PS fanboys man, they don't have enough intelligence to conjure up a response so they hit a button that does it for them."

BiggCMan3038d ago

@sleip and murder
Don't try to cover up the fact that both of u are idiot fanboys ok. Everyone knows that I'm a big Sony guy, but do I bash nintendo and Microsoft? No, that's cuz I'm mature, a trait both of u need to learn.

OneSneakyMofo3038d ago

360 fanboys and PS3 fanboys are both to blame.

Anyway, Halo was never that hard to me for some reason. Legendary difficulty kinda plays like Demon's Souls - patience is key.

evrfighter3038d ago

It's also possible to piss off the ps fanboys without even being a fan of the 360.

Before the site makeover I had 100+ people ignoring me. Though I believe JoY had me beat by almost twice that.

Downtown boogey3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Yeah... I once said that Uncharted 2 wasn't that emotional compared to movies and BAM I get 27 disagrees and one agree.
That still doesn't change the fact that Uncharted 2 was my favorite game of 2009.

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Anon19743038d ago

I'm looking forward to a Halo challenge. I've always found the single player a blast and it's one of the rare shooters that does co-op right.

Can't wait for this title.

Downtown boogey3038d ago

Halo games have always been excessively hard on Legendary! If Reach is going to be HARDER I might consider playing it with a friend first which would be the first time I'd be subdued to do that.

Natsu X FairyTail3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

What's up with blaze's history?Some people are just made at him because he doesnt say XBOX sucks and PS3 THE BEST CONSOLE EVAARRR. that makes him get disagrees.


RememberThe3573038d ago

I don't even have a gold membership right now but when this comes out I might have to pony up for it.

mauleriscool3038d ago

If I remember correctly, Bungie posted a few achievements and I'm sure one of them is complete the game on legendary solo.

RockmanII73038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Yea, that achievement kills my chances of getting every achievement in every Bungie game. My ePeen will never be the same :(

TROLL EATER3038d ago

hell yeah, halo enemy AI was always one if the best but now take it up a notch. love fighting the elites again.

Fanb0y3038d ago

Quote from a Bungie update:

"Where the f**k did that elite go?"

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Playerz83038d ago

Come on it's just point and shoot.Haha

MRJENKINS3038d ago

you make halo seem so simple..i would love to see you try this "new" technique on legendary difficulty and watch you fail wile trying to "point and shoot"

Playerz83038d ago

Hey, I made it through COD: World At War on Veteran while "pointing and shooting". There sure was a lot of grenades though. I mean, it's unreal, lol.

RememberThe3573038d ago

You just described every shooter ever made.

lastdual3038d ago

Yeah, it's just a video game. You just look at the screen and press buttons!

noobsRus3038d ago ShowReplies(2)
GaMe013038d ago

I don't like halo not because its a bad game.Its just because I'm not good at it no matter how hard I tried at this game I could never get good at it. I can call in Nukes and destroy on gears and just recently started smacking people on Uncharted.However this game I can never go positive no matter how hard I try. I like the campaign so I'm buying it for that alone hopefully this new one I can get better at

QuantumWake3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

It takes time and practice. I've been playing Halo for a long time. I had lots of experience with Halo 2 so being a good player was sort of easy when it came time to playing Halo 3. Believe it or not, Halo 3 does take skill. Play with some of your friends and start a FFA match, its good practice.

Once you start feeling comfortable at your playing level, start heading into matchmaking and play some ranked team slayer... And if you want a more serious challenge, give MLG a shot. I've been in your position before, trust me, but with lots of practice and patience, you'll be pwning noobs in no time. ;)

FragMnTagM3038d ago

It is one of the most challenging mp games there is as well as the campaign. If you are new to Halo, you are going to get owned online or in single player on Hard or Legendary.

If you play a lot of shooters, Easy and Normal are do able, but being new to Halo in the harder modes does take practice. Especially when you are playing by yourself, the covenant will give you a beatdown.

SaberEdge3038d ago

That's too bad. Halo is one of my favorite games. I see that a lot though. People that aren't good at something tend not to like it.

RememberThe3573038d ago

I'm good, I play them all the time, but I can never quite get great. Multi-player, I'm always in the top at the end of matches. I have also not been able to get good at Halo, I got to point in Killzone 2 and COD4 where I would conciser myself almost great but it took forever, and I ended up getting smacked by my homies when I'd play them.

It seems that I either f*ck around too much or get too pissed off. If I play Reach online (like I plan to do) I will probably stick to co-op.

noobsRus3038d ago

let us host aim assist off dedicated servers...then halo might be skill based balanced and fun.

Thrillhouse3038d ago

Go play against the best players in the world and say it's not skilled based.

noobsRus3037d ago

let those best people play without aim assist and they couldnt hit jack shit.

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