Alan Wake The Signal DLC Achievements Revealed

Starting next week, fans can start downloading the much anticipated first downloadale content for the award winning Alan Wake on the Xbox 360.

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KingKiff3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

They wouldn't charge for this would they? Wait on second thoughts, I think I will leave this one alone..........

EDIT @ SaberEdge

Can you say why? I like to get opinions on this as I mine is the exact opposite, I would say worst Xbox game this year.

pustulio3040d ago

Of course is crap for you, you're a PS3 fanboy.

And Alan Wake is a really good game but to rent it not buy it because after you beat it, you do what? replay over and over?

I hope this DLC packs add a LOT of gameplay if not they will be a dissapointment.

SaberEdge3040d ago

Alan Wake is brilliant. It was one of the best game experiences I have ever had. I can't wait to play more.

Anon19743040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

It's still $70 everywhere in Canada and there's now way I'm shelling out $70 for this game, or any game for that matter. I've waited 5 years for this title. I can wait longer for the price to drop to a more reasonable level. I guess I could always rent it but I haven't rented a game in years and with a new baby I have no idea when I'll actually get a chance to play.

Natsu X FairyTail3040d ago

same thing here @ darkride. Game is 70bucks at my local Gamestop/Ebgames and they dont have Pre-owned copies.

PandaJenkins3040d ago

jeez it has already gone quite down on price here in NZ. It is a brilliant game though, my 2nd favourite so far this year in fact. You should definitely pick it up at some point.

On the article topic, I saw the achievements like over a week ago. My friend was playing it and I noticed they had updated the achievements list. Can't wait for the dlc though, only a few days now.

Blaze9293040d ago

finally. been waiting forever to put Alan Wake back in the tray

MightyMark4273040d ago

Just finished it... I <3 it, Can't wait for the second episode ^^

Blaze9293040d ago

how? is it out already!?

MightyMark4273040d ago

Comes out Tuesday, used my review voucher code to play it last night.

Playerz83040d ago

Don't pick up your 360 with Alan Wake in it though....I heard it gets scratched=)

SaberEdge3040d ago

Who picks up their console while a game is playing. I mean, like DUH!

Playerz83040d ago

I pick up my PS3 with my games running it all the time, and nothing happens at all.

BiggCMan3040d ago

i didnt know alan wake won any awards. sweet. ive always thought it looked incredible to be honest. can i get anybodies opinion? its gonna be one of the first games i get if i ever get a 360.

KingKiff3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Dude hire it first is all I can say.

Graphics look sweet as. But as for everything else in the game I found it repetitive and utterly boring.

Please take my word for it and save yourself your hard earned money for a good game, if you hire it you can thank me via a PM latter lol.

It didn't really win any awards either. All the good reviews where paid for by Microsoft and no real awards have been issued (by a reputable site anyway)

But who knows this is just my opinion and I hated it, you might like it a lot, but I strongly recommend hiring it or go for second hand. Not in anyway worth full price. For someone who has snake for an avatar you obviously appreciate story lines so heck it might be good for you, but don't come looking for action or suspense coz it ain't there.

EDIT @ BiggCMan

Yeah reach will be awesome. I am looking for a second hand Xbox just so I can buy it day one. I am sick of playing games I want on Xbox over at my mates houses. But I only really want Reach and dead Rising 2 so no new Xbox for just those 2.

Spydiggity3040d ago

this is the 2nd alan wake article i've seen you trolling today.

we get don't like alan wake. i don't think you realize nobody cares.

Greywulf3040d ago

Unless Editors choice (from ign) = award(s).

MiamiACR3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Doesn't need to win any pegged and often hype related "Awards" to be a damn good game, I would say the same for many games. Alan wake is a very good game, not perfect, but if you put some time into it you'll begin to really enjoy the story and just the whole world built around you.

@BiggCMan I agree, try to hold off until you get your Console (Reach edition looks sweet) and it will be cheaper no doubt, I would suggest buying it if it is pretty decent priced (40, 37 bucks). Other then that rent and see if you like it, something you would want to replay again? (Chances are yes) then buy that sucker no matter how much it is.

BiggCMan3040d ago

o wow. maybe ill rent it if i get the chance, although, by the time i get a 360, hopefully the newly announced reach bundle, maybe the price will be cheap anyways u know?

sak5003040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

I finished it and pretty decent game with one of the best looking environments although the character models could hv used more polish. As a short single player game i'd rate it 8/10 but as an experience its 9.5/10.

More of rental though.

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Jerk1203040d ago

Alan Wake is truly the Uncharted 2 of the 360. Except better.

GaMe013040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

I'm an Xbox Fanboy that just recently bought a PS3 with Uncharted 2 and I can tell you you are very wrong wrong wrong. I loved alan wake but in no way can it even lace up Uncarted's boots. you can look up my gamertag xxxI GaMe Ixxx and see my gamerscore so you know I'm not a Ps3 fanboy

Uncharted 2 train sequence alone shits all over Alan wake .

3040d ago
Obama3040d ago

Alan Wake is truly the Uncharted 2 of the 360. Except no awards. Fixed. :)

coolbeans3040d ago

Those things have a nasty habit of being given out during the end of the year.

Naughty Dog3040d ago

too bad that not many people bought it.

Socrates3040d ago

Sales don't equal quality. Remember that one?

Alan Wake is an amazing game. From its story to its creepy atmosphere to its gameplay to its sublime graphics.

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