Hers & His – Top 10 games with replayability

Koku writes: "Mark Twain once said “Classics are things everyone wants read, but nobody wants to read.” The same can be said for games. I mean, there are classic games that eveyone plays, but not everyone has finished or even picks up again. For a LONG TIME! But think about the games that you play over and over year after year. These might not be considered “classic games” but they are games that have touched you in some way that made an impact on you. These are games that you can pop in several years after you purchased it and still play it until the end."

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Valay3064d ago

Haha, Robot Unicorn Attack. It's actually a pretty addicting game.

Ziriux3064d ago

I spent countless nights playing that, my brother was always asking me what I see in the game.

Ziriux3064d ago

So happy to actually see Chrono Trigger up there.

cain1413064d ago

I need to finish a lot of games...

Ziriux3064d ago

These games probably came out when you were a little boi lol.

HarryMonogenis3064d ago

Personally, I couldn't stop playing Vexx on the original Xbox. If I still had my hands on that game, I'd play it over Modern Warfare 2 any day. ^_^

Poseidon3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

demons souls, littlebigplanet,gran turismo mario and battlefield 1943

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