Halo: Reach unboxing video from Bungie

Three developers from bundle unbox and talk about the Halo: Reach Limited and Legendary Editions as well as the Halo: Reach Limited Edition Xbox 360 bundle.

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Queasy2919d ago

I won't get it but man does the Legendary Edition look sweet.

The Lazy One2919d ago

more importantly the console doesn't look butt ugly

Queasy2919d ago

Yeah, big improvement over the Halo 3 Limited Edition 360 with that ugly green.

lzim2919d ago

that one doesn't no.

pity it comes with all that toys for big boys shit and a stupid price tag.

Crazyglues2919d ago

The fact that I play on PS3 all day and night, and I actually got excited about that Legendary Edition -those figures look pretty cool...

That Legendary Edition is probably going to be a huge seller. -but at $149 it's a little high, but Amazon is giving a 20 dollar game credit so that's pretty cool.

And the console... Wow they did a really nice job with that, if I was going to buy a new 360 I would indeed get that... Nice Job..


HarryMonogenis2919d ago

Why must you tease us so? >_<

Queasy2919d ago

Because they love you and want you to buy their stuff.

BuIIetproofish_2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I might buy Legendary and I need a new Xbox. I'll probably get the regular Halo Reach one and give the copy of Halo Reach as gift.

Jerk1202919d ago

Killzone got nothing on this.

gamingisnotacrime2919d ago

KZ3 is not about super duper collector's edition, but you would not know that now do you

Sarevok2919d ago

guh... Please don't start with that crap.
How about they're both good games?

RockmanII72919d ago

I agree with the Fire Extinguisher

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The story is too old to be commented.