Halo Reach Limited Edition Xbox 360 available for pre-order on is among the first retailers taking pre-orders on newly announced Halo: Reach Limited Edition Xbox 360. The new Xbox 360 features the first Xbox 360 silver design, Halo: Reach design accents, 2 matching silver Halo: Reach controllers, 250GB HDD and Halo: Reach game for $399.99.

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Terarmzar2473d ago

I don't like the color of that Xbox, makes it look kinda ugly now

MRJENKINS2473d ago

i think it looks cool but thats just me..

BiggCMan2473d ago

agreed, it looks incredible to me. if anything, i dont like the matte white of the original, the black on the elite was great, then the glossy black for the S made it look even better, now this shiny silver.

Perjoss2472d ago

i hope it will be available in the UK also.

matt2472473d ago

“One thing that’s interesting that you can’t see in any photography is that the console is painted with two different shades of gray,” she said. “Depending on how you hold the console, the metallic finish, the grays kind of shift.”

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Jerk1202473d ago

Still looks better than the Ps3.

SaberEdge2473d ago

It looks great in my opinion.

Ri0tSquad2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Matte finish = no fingerprints

360 s is a fingerprint magnet.

Eddie201012473d ago

God Help Me, I just pre-ordered this.

SOAD2473d ago

Eddie, God sent me to help you. He said that as soon as you get this console, you must ship it to me. That is the only way we can stop the... uh, giant killer ants... just send it.

ECM0NEY2472d ago

Me too. cant wait to lick this baby!

Eddie201012472d ago


LOL, have a bubble.

Weaksauce11382473d ago

Totally disagree, this is pretty slick looking and almost looks like an apple product. Much better than the Halo 3 console, green and orange just didn't work for that one. This one is tempting...

Jaces2472d ago

mmm...really tempting but I just pre-ordered the Halo Reach Legendary edition.

Bahh, I hate it when they do this making me decide D:<
Hell, even if I sold my old 360 it wouldn't even be a fraction of what I would need.

I'll pass, maybe I'll get lucky at a pawn shop or on craigslist later on. =P

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xxLuckyStrike2473d ago

Gonna sell like hot cakes!!!

Jerk1202473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

That's MS for you. Genius tactics and still pleasing fans. Unlike Sony and/or Nintendo.

I swear, if we had a world under the control of Microsoft, it'd be heaven.

@moparful99 : You have no sense of humor.

moparful992473d ago

You really want a company that knowingly sells you faulty hardware, blames it on you, then plays the hero card by extending the warranty, sells you overpriced accesories then 5 years after launch finally releases a console that is halfway reliable and has some of the features the ps3 has had since launch to rule the world?? I swear you people make no sense.. You bash the ps3 for price but you just keep throwing more and more money at microsoft for something you should have had since day 1... I'll never get it...

aCHU2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

hey man your sense of humor sux ... not funny or anything,i even TRIED to find something reasonable or funny about it despite how or what you ment for it to mean,but dayumn you need to go back to the drawing board bro.

Weaksauce11382473d ago


atleast they aren't chipping away features from consoles people already bought

Socrates2473d ago


Don't act like the PS2 didn't have hardware problems. It did. Myself and several of my friends had our PS2s die on us. Sony didn't even have the decency to fix them for free, even though it was a well documented problem that was affecting many people.

I'll never understand people like you who worship Sony and completely overlook anything negative, yet hypocritically hate MS for the same things or similar things Sony has done.

moparful992472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

Did I say anything about the ps2? Nope sure didnt. Yea there were issues with the lasers in ps2 burning up but it was no where near as frequent as the 360's issues.. It wasn't decency on microsofts part.. They knew that if they didnt act they would lose customers.. I myself had my first ps2 for 4 years before having laser issues but it never stopped working. My "problem" with microsoft is they KNEW that the rrod issue existed even before launch but because they only cared about beating sony to market so they could bolster their market share so they sold faulty systems. Then they turned around and blamed the consumers for the issues stating ventilation problems, all of a sudden they extend the warranty and they're heroe's? Thats my problem. Dont you dare sit here and question my character because I'm not sugar coating the truth.. I refuse to support a company that blatantly spits in its customers faces repeatedly as microsoft does.. Period. If you cant respect that then its on you.
EDIT: @weaksauce Funny you say that because the ps3 still has more hardware features then the 360 5 years in..

ECM0NEY2472d ago

If you have cross game chat since launch day raise your hand!!!!

TheAntiFanboy2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

@Sleipnir: If you think flamebait is funny, you've got a really bad understanding of what makes a good sense of humor. Either that or you're just an idiot.

@moarful99: You say that like it goes only one way. Newsflash, back when the PS3 came out, the 360 did a lot of things the PS3 didn't too. They're pretty damn evenly matched now, but you have to be joking yourself if you think you can make the claim that the PS3 was superior at launch.

This thread is fanboy heaven. Let the morons bathe in their stupidity.

moparful992472d ago

@assclown: Are you seriously bragging about cross game chat? Congratulations on an utterly mediocre feature..

@TheAntiFanboy: Please do tell me all of those things that the 360 did that ps3 did not... There's nothing in the way of hardware features, matter of fact the ps3 was better then in that regard. Built in wifi, universal hardrives on all models, 4 usb ports, media card slots, hdmi(which 360 didnt have), optical output, can use an OS, built in web browser, free online play, bluetooth, blu-ray etc.. I didnt say that the ps3 was superior but from a hardware standpoint it was and continues to be superior now that you mentiont.. Only advantage the 360 had was the 1 year head start which helped the games catalog be more robust and xbox live was better then but now the disparity between xbox live and psn is so close that its all up to preference...

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Jdash242473d ago

Not bad but I think they could have done much more with the design. I am a fan of the silver though

dtrain212473d ago

Damn already bought the black slim, but might have to get this for my room and the other in the living room

TheAntiFanboy2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

I'm kind of glad I held back. This would so totally be mine, but my biggest beef is that it comes with the game. I already preordered the game, wtf am I gonna do with a second copy?

N4BmpS2473d ago

I like it but I also loved the design of the PS3 Heavyweight.

SaberEdge2473d ago

Yeah, I like the PS3 fat that I have better than the slim models. I like the glossy black finish with the chrome/silver accents. I have never understood people complaining about fingerprints on glossy black finishes. I just don't understand that. I have my PS3 sitting there and I wipe the dust off of it occasionally, but other than that it just sits there and I have no reason to touch it except right where the buttons are.

Anyway, I love the piano black finish of the new 360 S and this silver version also looks really cool to me.


@ SaberEdge

Totally agree. I have a ps3 fat, my belief is that the same people who complain about the finger prints are prob the same people who moan about 360's scratching disc's when it's moved. I mean sure I acknowledge it does that and it's not great, but why would anyone be moving their 360's while they are playing a game in it.

both my ps3 and 360 sit under my tv, i give them a bit of a dusting once in a while and sometimes run an air duster over the vents but thats it.

I have not bought a 360s yet, this may be my ticket.

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