Super Street Fighter 4 New Character Select Screen, 2 More Slots

Original Gamer: "In Japan, Capcom is already beginning the process of getting Super Street Fighter 4 into arcades. One thing we saw yesterday were promotional posters for the arcade version with the line saying "Here Comes New Challengers?!" Today we see an image from the character select screen from the Super Street Fighter IV arcade, and you can clearly see that 2 new character spots have been added to the far left and right."

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RedPawn2834d ago

Cool, can we get about four more across the top too, PLEASE.

armycore2834d ago

Got to take what they give you. Nice to see them keeping it fresh.

RedPawn2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I know, it's just, just I'm sad inside, and anxious to know who they are.


I'm guessing Alex & Urien.

harlem_v12834d ago

I too was thinking Alex and Urien.

Baka-akaB2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

i bet it wont be two from sf3 ... but one from sf3 and one from alpha . And based on previous interviews with ono about his preferences (wich mind you are often ignored by execs) , it could be Hugo and R.mika .

If it's a paid dlc , at least one will need some sexy factor to boost sales , so at least Mika , karin or elena

tmj2834d ago

I hope they add Rolento!

Ugly Bob2834d ago

Sorry to be so one note, but I want the German guy!

KwietStorm2834d ago

So what? Are we still playing this follow the leader crap ragging on Capcom as if they're doing anything different than most publishers out there?

geoholyhart2834d ago

They've already said that actual content won't be free, but patches, rebalances, etc... will be, which seems like a given to me.

GamingBuddha092834d ago

hmm wonder if this is going to be on the consoles as well?

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The story is too old to be commented.