Comic Con 2010: Michelle Rodriguez Is a Big Time Gamer

Michelle Rodriguez, from LOST and Avatar fame, clearly plays a lot of videogames.

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Sillyace922739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )


SupaGamer2739d ago

Are you trying to say " Anna Lucia" from Lost?

mindedone2739d ago

Are you trying to spell "Ana" Lucia from Lost?

Bereaver2739d ago

Dunno why he's got a disagree it is "Ana Lucia" with one N. Ez to google.

mikeslemonade2739d ago

I started watch Lost during the 2nd season because of her. She wears these tight ass jeans in the show and she is a cop during flashbacks which is hawt.

inveni02739d ago

She is sooooo nasty. She always looks like she's about to burp or fart--like she ate bad Mexican food--and it grosses me out. Seriously. Just look at her face in any movie. Here's a photo to get you's not from a movie, but it proves my point:


Sillyace922739d ago

is it really?

Everytime I hear them say hear name it sounds like Andulucia.

About to start season 6. LOST FTW

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Convas2739d ago

Can I have a slice of that please?!

Damn, I love that woman. Only woman in all of Hollywood I would actively pursue given the chance.

RememberThe3572739d ago

I love the firey types. The fire crackers are always the most fun you never know when they're going to go off.

Convas2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Naahh, brah, didn't you hear, she's a gamer, meaning that she likes playing with Joysticks ...

jaredhart2739d ago

Doesn't make her any less sexy.

peowpeow2739d ago

Infact, makes her more sexy

KILLERAPP2739d ago

Why isn’t she in the new predators movie??

aCHU2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

FAST AND FURIOUS 5 baby Bring her back to meeee plz!
dude she is strait awesooooome,and she is VERY sexy and has one fine ass body to go with her gaming madness..
she can controll me and play with my Wiiwii mote lol (cheesy?)

EDIT @killerapp- dude thats kickass,but you said the rock.. like dyane johnson the rock? lol.. that seems odd and more mainstreem,is justin lyn still directing it? ..
i thot it would be in japan somehow as the way tokyo drift ended.
thats kool either way you got to see it no?

KILLERAPP2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

There shooting fast 5 here in Puerto Rico they began shooting a few days ago, the rock has long dread hair and looks cool…

Edit... aCHU

Yeah Dyane Johnson, I think they won’t do a Tokyo one until Vince Diesel says he won’t do another one because those where the reason the change the second and third one he wanted more money and they send him to hell but I guess they came to turns after a couple of years, this one must be the continuation of the last one here are some pics and info sorry if some is in Spanish…

KILLERAPP2739d ago

Justin Lyn is not directing they brought in Rob Cohen to direct and it comes out next year…

George Sears2739d ago

Yeah they were asking for anyone with some pimp cars. A buddy of mine has a fucking awesome pimped Sti so we went to see if they can add it for the movie and they loved it. I took a pic with the rock inside the Sti. He was a chill cool dude who is also into cars.

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