Halo Reach Forge World and Versus Firefight Modes Announced


"Looking forward to Halo Reach? New details released by Microsoft should peak your interest just a notch...

Forge World and Versus Firefight modes of play were just announced...

Here are the details:"

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Canucks233065d ago

I'm expecting good things to come out of the community. I'm too intimidated by these sort of things myself so i have to rely on other people to make fun stuff for me :( . Should make for some crazy playlists too though.

FragMnTagM3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

it is awesome. Check these pics out:

This is a recreation of Ascension from Halo 2 using Forge World: If that mountain is customizable as well as making parts move, i.e. the thing in the middle, Forge World is going to be epic. It would create some very interesting maps that is for sure.

With Halo 3's Forge, you can create some pretty amazing things, but the new additions add exponentially to that.

Also the new Firefight mode looks sick. Kind of like Horde Mode and Zombies vs. Survivors from Left 4 Dead. It sounds like fun.

Edit: I also spotted Coagulation remade too look at the pics in the first link towards the bottom with the ghost in them. Looks like Coagulation to me.

TROLL EATER3065d ago

OMDSSSS halo reach content will last me another 5 years.

Fanb0y3065d ago

Game of the forever much?

They put enough content in this game to last a long ass time, but then they put in content that allows people to make content - now that's forever.


The ultimate shooter. Everything anyone could ever want.

Fanb0y3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Double post.

BuIIetproofish_3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

This game will be the only game I ever need.

I don't understand the disagree, this game is Little Big Planet(I'm getting 2) if it was an FPS.

TROLL EATER3065d ago

5 years booked. halo reach has it all.

AbyssGravelord3065d ago

Sounds great! Gonna pre-order on Amazon to get $20 off my next purchase.

Gotta love Amazon.

JumpNPlayBon3065d ago

best place to find good games at low prices. still can't understand how people still shop at gamestop for ANYTHING, that place is terrible...

tyrex3065d ago

let elena be one of the characters


I hope more developers implement these features into their games. Love or hate Bungie you cant fault them on giving the gaming community what they want

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The story is too old to be commented.