Sony Needs Its Own Summer Of Arcade (RunDLC)

Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade kicked off this week with Limbo, and while that’s great for 360 users, we can’t help but feel a little disenchanted with PSN. Yes, Sony has made impressive strides to improve the service, including PlayStation Plus, but shopping at the store still feels a bit impersonal.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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lodossrage2987d ago

Doesn't Sony have the Spring Fever sale every year?

playstation_clan2987d ago

plus psn has joe danger which is hands down one of the best arcade game this year

Yi-Long2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

... it's not as good as last years.

Limbo is pretty much the only one that seems interesting to me, but is also a bit too expensive for a 3-4 hour game.

The good XBLA stuff probably comes out after the summer of arcade, with IloMilo, Shank and Scott Pilgrim...

PSN has some great games on the PSN, but I'm waiting to get myself a new PS3 slim before I start purchasing some of those PSN games.

Cenobia2987d ago

I'm pretty sure Scott Pilgrim is PSN exclusive (at least for a while).

Unless that has changed recently.

Playerz82987d ago

This year's PSN Spring Fever was pretty lazy, just a bunch of discounted games and add-ons for old titles. 2009's Spring Fever was great, especially with Flower.

I wish they did have a Summer Special thing though, cause people only mention Live Arcade when they talk about Summer downloadable games, even though they come out on PSN too.

ISKREEM2987d ago

Spring Fever was actually pretty good for me.

I don't pick up every single game that's released on the PlayStation Store, so it was a good opportunity for me to catch up on some of the games I missed.

Pixeljunk Shooter, for one. I wasn't entirely convinced on the game from the videos I saw, but after picking it up for $5, I had some great fun. Which in return, has encouraged me to buy Pixeljunk Shooter 2 whenever it will be released.

ThanatosDMC2987d ago

Not to mention discounts and permanent price drops.

Buff10442987d ago

Maybe, but that's not the same.

Buff10442987d ago

Joe Danger is definitely great.

Playerz82987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Haha, Joe Danger is awesome, but I can't play it with my friend, cause he says it looks stupid and for little kids, so then I play COD with him, which is boring.

thereapersson2987d ago

Well, for your friend to have such a narrow, immature opinion on Joe Danger, it's no wonder he loves to play Call of Duty.

MajestieBeast2987d ago

Psn needs dead nation now!

Spring fever sale was nice got a free copy of flow and flower if i remember correctly.

edhe2987d ago

Yes, Sony needs to copy another competitor again to get successful ideas.


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The story is too old to be commented.