Most Annoying Call of Duty: MW2 Deaths

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer can be both very fun and very annoying. Most times it not just the game itself but how people play the game and use week tactics to do well. I have compiled a list below about the most annoying ways to die online in my personal opinion.

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roguewarrior3066d ago

i agree with 1,2,3,5 but my biggest COD peeve is going into a S & D lobby and it puts me in a game with 1min left, last round, on the losing team. i don't even get to spawn, im on a 20 game wining streak WTF. If i get the rare urge to play COD i play COD4, I do miss the extreme auto-aim sometimes in other games, so easy to get kills.

DarthBigE3066d ago

same here. not just in s&d but any mode...ex. entering a free for all where your down by 20 kills is not cool. I'd say that about a good 1/3 of my losses are from being put in a match too late to make a difference. I can only hope black ops changes this. but yea i hate noob tubbing campers.

Ahmay3066d ago

they are there for a reason...
i don't see anything wrong with nubetubing except that it is annoying being killed that way. annoying.. its still a strategy...

the most annoying thing imo is match making cuz it sucks.... this would fix alot of things... killzone 2 does match making really good...

WhatARump3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

"use week tactics"
The author has weak grammar -.-

r1sh123066d ago

1 of the more annoying deaths, is when the stupid aim assist decides to turn on, and I have to fight against it to try and kill someone..
Seriously IW who needs aim assist? Why is it not an option.
Danger close deaths are dumb..most deaths have a stupid reason in MW2, theyve all been listed.
Thermals are cheap kills, as are danger close, commando etc..
the list is endless, but the greatest is the stupid lagg, because the IW removed local region search. since I sometimes play against people in another country they get host even though Im fairly sure my internet is much better (ping under 20) means I should get host and yet MW2 will give it to them..

Brewski0073066d ago

Nothing worse than being killed by a 12 - 16 year old idiot running around with akimbo shotguns and on the mic playing some shitty rap music in the background.
Too much of this happens, that I cant play COD regularly enough anymore as its online is saturated with little shits.

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moparful993066d ago

I hate commando thats the most rediculous perk in the game.. If you are within shotgun range you are guranteed a kill. I dont know how many times i've emptied clips into someone that is using commando pro and they just absorb all of those bullets and get a kill.. How is a single knife wound more deadly then a clip of 5.52 mm rounds? Then you have the campers, that is a cheap and P#ssy fied way of getting kills and requires no skill. Lastly the totally random spawning. I've had the game actually spawn me and before I could do anything I'm dead from an m203 round or being knifed.. I alos hate when they spawn directly behind you and you have no chance of defending yourself.. Modern warfare 2= the most broken online experience I've ever had... Activision will no longer recieve my money until they solve these issues...

Colonel-Killzone3066d ago

Its Call of Duty man... Nothing on that game makes any sense what so ever.

moparful993065d ago

Agreed and +bubbles.. Tangostarr I actually was playing last night and I use akimbo rangers as my secondary, I was coming down the stair well in the central warehouse on derail. This guy was rushing me, I pressed l1 and r1 and as both rangers whent off he commando proe'd me up the stairs through 2 shotgun blasts point blank.. I was livid, so much so that my teamates got annoyed from the incessant stream of profanity spewing from my mouth... I'm still heated about it. I just cant believe that activision would allow this kind of trash to continue... But alas they only care about $$ and as long as the dollars are rolling in they wont lift a finger.. Another thing they totally gave us ps3 users the shaft.. I cant play through a single session without lag or being dissconected from the server for some obscure reason.. I'm appauled that they would blatantly spit in our faces like this...

Tangostarr3066d ago

Commando had to be the most frustrating thing for me when I played. Getting knifed by a guy that you put a shotgun round into point blank shouldn't ever happen. One Man Army noob tubing got on my nerves but nowhere near as much as commando did.
I enjoyed it early on but that stuff starting getting to me to the point I only played because my friends did and I wanted to play with them. Once the DLC hit and I saw the price I had enough and traded it in for Red Dead Redemption. I'm just gonna wait until KZ3 comes out to get my FPS fix.

sharif6993066d ago

When i was debating whether or not to trade this game for RDR, the thought of Commando sealed the deal

writersblock3066d ago

I hate how everyone seems to think that shotguns have hardly any range in real life

From across the street a shotgun blast would still fucking wreck you, from double to triple that it would still wound and cause potentially fatal injury.

roguewarrior3066d ago

Depends what shells, and whats the length of the barrel.

JeffGUNZ3066d ago

I am a certified firearms instructor. My recruits have to qualify with a shotgun, 12 gauge. Shooting buckshot or slug, doesn't matter. A 12 gauge shotgun is fatal and extremely accurate from 50 yards. The furthest I shot my mossberg 500-tactical was 75 yards and caused a lethal hit center mass of the target. Shotguns can shoot much further than many people think. Akimbo shotguns are BS though. Your accuracy is going to be TERRIBLE with two shotguns.

Holeran3066d ago

What do you mean about commando? We have all heard the true stories of solo soldiers going out with just an army issue combat knife and taking out entire platoons of well armed soldiers. And if you've never seen a soldier jump 30+ feet through the air to stick his knife in someones chest you are missing out, it is quite a sight to behold.

Colonel-Killzone3066d ago

Stop trying to justify Call of duty nonsense. Barely any Soldier can jump over 30 feet and knife someone while doing it. You obviously been watching too much action movies to much to believe that crap.

milknosugar3066d ago

colonel-killzone, you kinda didnt notice the dude was being sarcastic!

Colonel-Killzone3066d ago

When people post sarcastically did you know they would add the S at the end which would let other people posting on the article know they were being sarcastic ?

milknosugar3066d ago

that's cute for people who need an S on the end to spot sarcasm, but why dont you ask holeran if he was being sarcastic or not, and if he wasnt, you have my apologies.

Holeran3066d ago

If you couldn't actually read the sarcasm in that is it tough going through life like that? And for the disagrees I got , I knew a bunch of you marathon,lightweight,commando, tactical knife people would chime in.

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Sinius3066d ago

You noob, you fail at life.

Colonel-Killzone3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

People still use the word Noob ? LMFAOOOO Oh yes a new troll account. I will get a life once you find yours.

Sinius3066d ago

Shut up noob!
At least i can detect sarcasm LMFAOOOO

Colonel-Killzone3066d ago

Ahhh really. But you just admitted to not having a life when you said "at least I can detect sarcasm" LMAO get a life dude stop making troll accounts.

Snakefist303066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Dude Stop Trolling And Get A Life.LOSER!!!

DeFFeR3066d ago

People still use the phrase LMFAO without understanding what sarcasm is?

The "/s" at the end of the posts are for people like you who read something, and instantly believe that it's true - regardless of how ridiculous it is (a soldier jumping from 30 feet to knife someone... c'mon dude, really?).

Oh, and I forgot to mention, REAL soldiers can jump from thirty TWO feet, knife someone AND activate a UAV within 2 seconds. MANS GAME Colonel... mans game.

Holeran3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Unless the soldier was wearing the new military issue rocket nikes we've all heard about I pretty much assure you no one will ever or has ever jumped more than 9 feet while stabbing someone in the chest. And if someone wants to disagree with me on that get out a tape measure first, mark it off than try it ok?

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sharif6993066d ago

lol at the failed sarcasm detection xD "a soldier jump 30+ feet" gave it away

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