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PlayStationLifeStyle writes "DeathSpank combines the comedic styles of Ron Gilbert, the man behind Tales of Monkey Island, and the Diablo-styled action RPG. Alongside Gilbert, the title has been developed by the team who created the Penny Arcade Adventures series, Hothead Games. Does this particular downloadable action role-playing game live up to its hype as well as promising potential?"

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Spenok2919d ago

Sounds like i need to fork out another $15.

Darkstorn2920d ago

It's like Diablo with a sense of humor. It's stylish, addictive, funny, and extremely repetitive. Basically, it's an action-RPG fan's wet dream.

Perjoss2920d ago

people that like DeathSpank and own an OK PC or MAC should also check out Torchlight, quite similar and also top quality.

Darkstorn2919d ago


Yeah, there's a similarity in gameplay and art style, but the humor just isn't there in Torchlight :/

MysticStrummer2920d ago

9/10??? Wow. I played the demo for about 5 minutes and deleted it. *shrug*

wolfehound222920d ago

Really the demo is what hooked me, but to each their own.

Weaksauce11382920d ago

You sure you downloaded the right demo? This game is amazing! Ive beaten it twice it's so much quirky awesome fun

madjedi2920d ago

Funny i played the demo till the time got low, searched for the buy to unlock full game feature, was wondering why i couldn't just buy and unlock it. Then figured it out when the full version was 700 megs more than the demo version.

Only 5 minutes, i was rolling from the dialogue options within 2 minutes, i am curious if we might see dlc for it in the future.

AntoineDcoolette2919d ago

I played the demo to its maximum extent twice then ended up buying the game. I found its graphical style refreshing and straight up parody of the adventure / action RPG genre on every level imaginable to be humorous.

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T3mpr1x2920d ago

Nice review, though this game seems a bit too weird for my tastes.

wolfehound222920d ago

Not so much weird more funny

joinsideke2920d ago

try the demo, you'll be sold.

2919d ago
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