Inafune teases future Mega Man announcements

Keiji Inafune teased additional Mega Man announcements at Comic-Con, including an "oft-requested thing."

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Smokeeye1233067d ago

If this is Megaman Legends I will literally start crying with joy.

Valay3067d ago

I'm usually terrible at guessing these types of things, but I honestly don't know what else it could be other than a new Mega Man Legends.

Smokeeye1233067d ago

It could be Megaman X 9. That's a pretty requested game, as the series wasn't ever really wrapped up.

RockmanII73067d ago

building your hopes leads to them being crushed. Keep expectations low and you will be rewarded.

I want Legends 3, but I think it will be Megaman Universe info

see what I did there, now I'm guaranteed to be happy (Unless Capcom can think of something less interesting than Universe info)

ThanatosDMC3067d ago

Legends 3 would be the best news for all Megaman fans. I hope the old voices are still around and all its quirkiness.

jazzking20013067d ago

crossing fingers
lets hope

Ziriux3067d ago

Mega Man, makes me feel good inside and reminds me of my young years.

RedPawn3067d ago

They said Inafune smiled when people jumped up and shouted Mega Man Legends 3.

I don't think it's over.

wwm0nkey3067d ago

After Kenji Inafune said that all the fans screamed "Megaman Legends 3!"

After that Inafune smiled and said "Thank you" and walked off

Legends 3 is all but confirmed now.

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Ziriux3067d ago

Here's hoping to them doing something new and NEVER going 3D with Mega Man.

YourFlyness3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Wasnt Command Mission and Legends 3D

actually Im 100% sure they were

RedPawn3067d ago

I want a Command Mission 2, which reintroduces Bass & Protoman into the X continuum, then Capcom makes a side scroller beatem up for DL to conclude the story arc.

Godmars2903067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

An announcement of an announcement of an announcement.

We already have the universe announcement, so with no footage there there's now another title coming out which we don't even know the platform(s) for plus a number of other things.

I know TGS is right around the corner - but come on!

The_Victim4203067d ago

Id love to see this game made, right now the 2 sequels that i want the most are Megaman Legends 3 and Drakengard 3. there aren't any games out that are quite like those right now. I found a petition for Megaman legends 3 a while back and maybe it could help Capcom see the support that Megaman games have. Theres about 3,100 signatures so far.
here's the link, for what its worth. If for whatever reason you don't trust the link you can search "Megaman Legends 3 Petition" on Google, it'll be at the top of the results.

RockmanII73067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Go to this site instead. It's a poll where people vote on what they want to see from Capcom. The cool thing is that it's actually Capcoms Blog and if you hit top voted Legends 3 is the second highest thing demanded behind "Resident Evil Outbreak File 1 & 2 ported to XBL and PSN"

Edit - better idea, go to both

Coheno3067d ago

Mega Man Legends 3! Yes please! Was disappointed over the Mega Man Universe announcement!

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