Cnet Supports Modding: I Paid For My System So I Should Be Able To Do Whatever I Want

Don Reisinger of Cnet has slammed the recent mod chip raids by ICE as nothing more than a business ploy. Reisinger believes if he pays for his console then he should be able to do whatever he wants and that includes modding the system and that doesn't mean he is facillitating smuggling, software piracy or even money laundering as some authorities would have you believe. He calls for more trust from the ES, MS, Nintendo and Sony in assuming that not everyone who mods their console is just in it for pirate games.

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Why_So_Serious3762d ago

when i chipped my psone it was only for playing pirated games and people i know who modded their ps2 and xbox did it for pirated games.

i know some people do it for imports but i'm pretty sure its a small percentage

Lord Anubis3762d ago

I agree with don.

Look at the PSP. It has so much functionality that wasn't provided by Sony. They don't the hardware internally but the software.

Auron3762d ago

But if you use it to play pirated games its wrong plain and simple!


Here in Brazil about 95% of all the consoles sold here are chipped for play pirated games. It's one good reason to link DIRECTLY piracy and mods, because where this chips is more used (here, China, India, etc) they are seem as the "piracy-allowed" feature that moves consoles in the market...

I once worked on a videogame shop and was common to pass months without any costumer asking for a blocked console... The games itself the costumers download from internet and burn in their houses, or get in another place (most time in street-sellers or little illegal shops), even my boss surrendered and come to sell chipped consoles few weeks after I leave.

The X360 and the Wii get chipped as soon as they start to appear 'round here, and, what a surprise, are far more easy to find in stores than the PS3, what you only get in Online stores, or you order it on a big store (don't get too excited, the "big" stores round here are most like a average store in the US) and wait about a month to get it... The stores don't make stock cause "nobody want a console that you have to pay about R$200 (US$110) for a game".

And, if sadly this is the culture of people where the chips are success, than is better get those chips out of combat.

But I agree that the modding or the homebrew are alone not bad or good... In fact, they can allow a lot of interesting features. But most people have no interest in this, only in the piracy...