Lead And Gold Gets Free Weekend On PC; What About PS3?

Lead and Gold isn't a PC-only game, of course; it's also a downloadable game on PSN. But there's no free weekend for PSN gamers.

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SupaGamer2979d ago

Ps3 should definitely get things like this. Especially as a reason to get PS+

Letros2979d ago

Then it wouldn't be free...

jaredhart2979d ago

Free for Playstation Plus people.

ECM0NEY2978d ago

wow the double standards here are ridic

goxbox3602978d ago

Depends on the context of the statement. If it were within PS+...

Free to playstation plus users would be true.
Free would be false.

Obviously. Since no one made either statement, Letros is just being petty.

Focker-4202979d ago

Agreed I was apprehensive because theree wasn't a demo. Maybe if they did a full game trial like they did with InFamous I'll probably pick it up. Plus it came out 1 week before RDR, so it was a no go.

Pandamobile2979d ago

It's free on PC because of Steam. When has there ever been a free weekend even on PSN?

NYC_Gamer2979d ago

good news for every steam member

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The story is too old to be commented.