IGN: Left 4 Dead Preview and Gameplay Footage

Your flashlight is flickering, your friends are gone, and you're down to the final mag of ammo. Stepping out onto the roof of the warehouse everything goes eerily silent. You whip the barrel of your M4 assault rifle from side to side, casting dim light on every corner of the rooftop, and then you see them; two dozen creatures in a dead sprint to your position. Do you run, or stand tough?

This is Left 4 Dead.

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MK_Red3877d ago

Counter Strike meets Resident Evil... The preview isn't bad but the videos are the real thing and hopefully the game gets even better before it ships.

alexander22rednaxela3877d ago

When is this game coming out, it looks pretty and very polished.

ParaDise_LosT3877d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty mad that they delayed this game....but Its awesome so Its worth the wait :)
Killing zombies online with friends....what else can you ask for in a game...

BLUR1113877d ago

yea this game looks so amazing

jay33877d ago

I really think this is a MASSIVE sleeper hit for the 360.

This is the only game that's ever made me speechless.

I am SO looking foreward to this.

I'm going to go as far to say that the online experience that this game offers could top Halo. Not a lot of people will know it, but it will.

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