HMV takes MGS4 360 pre-orders

HMV is now taking pre-orders for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Metal Gear Solid. But the 360 version isn't due until five months later...

Here we go again. The latest 'MGS4-going-multi-platform' rumour is interesting for two reasons. Mega entertainment retailer HMV is taking pre-orders for the 360 version right now and the firm even dates both version of the game.

Metal Gear Solid 4 will apparently be available from April 18, 2008 on PlayStation 3 only according to the listing. Then, just over five months later, the Xbox 360 will be blessed with Solid Snake's presence on September 26 (one year exactly after the launch of Halo 3, trivia fans).

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techie3781d ago

Enjoy everybody :) I'm out!

InMyOpinion3781d ago

Now you have to take responsibility for dropping it =) I wonder how many times this subject has been brought up on N4G. 18-20 times at least lol

TriggerHappy3781d ago

Man this is going to be good...1000 heat level confirmed.

*grabs popcorn third reply seat*

Ok guys am ready lets do this

gaffyh3781d ago

I don't think rumours should be posted anymore on MGS4 360 it is getting really annoying. If it is 100% confirmed that it is coming to 360 post that story not another rumour.

Bathyj3781d ago

I expect better from you Deep. Why would you do this?

Are gamerpoints that important to you becauase if they are I've just lost a lot of respect for you.

tehcellownu3781d ago

There is goin to lots of unhappy xbots when they get a copy of mgs4 on the

techie3781d ago

I posted it because HMV is one of the biggest stores in the UK. It was then reported by a gaming website who provided pictures, of a very strange circumstance of a 360 version of MGS4. This is no rumour dug up from a monkey's uncle. This is an ad for preorders on a mjor companies website.

This is a social news site - this is news. I bid you good day. I lose respect in you for calling me out on something you may well be fed up of - but is still news worthy. Both TnS and I agree.

tehcellownu3781d ago

We all know the rumors been debunked plenty of time..Phil, Kaz, Kojima all said its exclusive to the PS3.Even Peter Moore said they tried their best to get on the 360 but as of right now it isnt happening..Jack explained that there was no other mgs4 version in the making!!We dont need this rumor to keep spreading because its getting dumb.. when they actually confirmed it then please approved it..

techie3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Well then take it as the stupidity of HMV then! It's still news - as agreed by Kotaku and CVG! N4G is meant to be the central social gaming site - if it doesn't post what is news on Kotaku and CVG, then everyone will go there instead. This is NEWS. Sheesh

Omegasyde3781d ago

You are absolutely right this is considered news and a great find as well.

The only thing is that its not news "about mgs4 coming to the 360" its news that Major UK retailor screwed up. Then again gamestop and have both screwed up in the past when listing games and dates.

The next news will be when HMV corrects thier mistakes.
Perhaps they will changed "MGS4" to "Metal Gear Online" which I think has a strong chance of showing up on the 360. MGS4 is ps3 only.

Loopy3781d ago

Just because other site do it doesn't mean you or n4g should do it. While you're at it, why not report on every release date errors a gaming or retailer website has.
Your first post on this matter just proves you've been wanting to report a news that would sparkle a stupid annoying debate that has been rehashed countless times. But hey, if you're into sensationalism news, then it's your choice...

tonsoffun3781d ago

For god chr!st's sale people - this is relevant news. HMV is one of the largest retailers in the UK.

Regardless of weather it turns out to be true or not, it is on the HMV website. eitehr it is a genuine mistake or it has merit, either way it is a very good find. Lay off Deep - he is one of the best contributors to the site. And I respect his attitude and the work he does here.

BathyJ - you have a cheek to complain - you defend one of the largest spammers on this website, but when a decent article is posted that could be seen as being 'anti sony' you are up in arms.

We all need to chill out here - it is still speculation as there has been no official word from the Devs. Once they announce multiplatform versions, then I will believe it.

techie3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Loopy - if only people would debate. It's news, though being a social community site, and having knowledge of the regulars - I was aware a stir would be caused - but it was not one I wanted to be involved in - hence my first comment.

Whatever you think I's still news to be posted on N4G.

I wish everyone would stop having a go at me, and start having a go at HMV. (rhymes :P)


nasim3781d ago

not these articles again

Bathyj3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Look, sorry if I'm a little harsh, bit this thing has been done to death and most of us are sick of it. I dont mind bad news at all, I'm always the one complaining about people who are complaining that something got posted that paints there console in a negative light. I agree it should all be posted.

But this isn't news, its crap. Bring my a story that says Konami have confirmed it or leave it alone. I really dont think they would announce their world wide plans by telling some online retailer first and just letting it leak. I dont want to hear "MGS Xbox bound" everytime some jerk mentions MGS and XBox in the same paragraph in a forum post or an article or his own personally blog. The fact it was printed somewhere else first doesn't make it any less trash.

Anyway, I still respect your opinion and always have so sorry for being rude to you. Just think you were wrong on this one, especially if it was something as trivial as building up your gamerspoint with a controversial story. I really hope thats not the case, but I give you the benefit of the doubt.

Mattey3781d ago

Now i get gta, mgs, and halo 3.

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Violater3781d ago

Gonna need more popcorn.

Watkins3781d ago

This is clearly just another PR trick to get people to their site.

ENNO3781d ago

Im unsure about it coming to the 360 and i dont really care if it does i wont be playing it on my 360 because i will have to wait 5 months?i still dont even know if its coming out for the 360...dman im so confused :(

Loudninja3781d ago

So what?Eb games sitll have preordes for games thay were canned.Poeple iwll not jsut let it die

Meus Renaissance3781d ago

care for this rumour anymore. It's gotten so boring I'm drained of even taking part of debates.

I don't even see the funny side to this story now..