Microsoft Devours Earnings With Record $16 Billion Revenue

Microsoft just announced a monster quarter and fiscal year, with record revenue thanks largely to everybody gobbling up Windows 7—to the tune of 175 million licenses sold since it launched.

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maniacmayhem3067d ago

16 BILLION!? All revenue too.

Trroy3067d ago

All revenue... um yeah.

Are you confusing revenue with profit? =)

Agent-863067d ago

@Trroy, yes, he is. If you read the article completely, their net income was $4.5 billion. Still a huge amount. I stopped feeding the beast long ago and have no desire of "going back to the Dark Side".

maniacmayhem3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I said revenue...not PROFIT.

If I meant profit I would say PROFIT!

Seriously...I have to laugh at Trroy and Agent-86

GWAVE3067d ago ShowReplies(4)
qface643067d ago

everyone should abandon xp and vista already and jump on the 7 bandwagon only then will we progress

KingKiff3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

No way mate.

MS should have made features such as DX10/11 available to all previous OS's or at least XP, it would not have taken much more than a service pack.

We should not all have to fork out for the newest version of windows just to enjoy the latest graphics, CPU optimization, RAM use etc.

MS are just out for money like everyone else.

That is why I refused to pay for my copy of Vista and got a dodgy copy (boo hiss I know). But F them seriously, if they want to cut support for the largest OS base like they did with XP and basically force us to spend hundreds of $$ to upgrade then they deserve piracy.

I am going to do the same soon with 7 for my laptop. F them, I paid for a copy of vista which was included with the price of my laptop only to have copies of 7 given away for free if I had waited 2 more weeks to buy. They are not getting my money for there "newest" OS when Windows 8 will only be around the corner for another $250-$500.

My point is after all that is that we should not have to "abandon xp and vista already and jump on the 7 bandwagon" for us to see progress. A major company like MS should be progressing with what they already have in place through service packs and updates, XP could be just like 7 with a bit of work from MS. it all comes down to want for more money and lack of wanting to give the community what they want.

EDIT @ 360Defender...

Whatever you want to think mate. If you follow MS blindly and give them cash every time they wave a new carrot in front of you then you sir are the fool. The only thing I have ever pirated is OS's and that was only vista and 7. I never pirate games as I support dev's the only time I have is when a game gets banned here in Australia then I pirate. Piracy is legitimate and has many arguments for and against. I only do it when I feel morally correct to do so, like when MS through bad business practices segregates the PC communities through lack of proper previous OS support and basically force us to spend big $ for minor upgrades. Only other time is when a game I really want is banned here by religious nuts in power.

Anyway I bet you will buy natal for $150 and think you got a good deal like the rest of the sheeple that MS have brain washed.

360Defender3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Anyone that pirates is a piece of shit, you sir deserve to be wiped with paper and flushed. You piece of crap.

I see by your additional comment to me that somehow in your pathetic mind you think you are justified to steal a programmers work. Just proves what a worthless piece of crap you are, and no amount of self justifaction can change that. Support your hobby by paying those who's product you use. Anything short of that is shit, just like you are.

stiggs3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

It's amazing what people will say to convince themselves that it's O.K. to steal software. You went off on a completely misguided rant because MS released a new version of Windows and they (shockingly) didn't give you a copy for free. Are you kidding me? What is this "give the community (what community?) what they want" nonsense? That must be the community of cheap-ass thieves who think the world owes them something just because they exist. Get a clue...and a job.

qface643067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

well i am personally tired of windows 7 being held back by xp and vista

more devs should just jump on the bandwagon already and give it serious support

cant tell ya how many times ive found something that interested me only for it to be too unstable or just not supported on w7

badz1493067d ago

it's user friendly and everything and supports all games I wanna play but it costs too much just for the fvcking OS that doesn't even come with at least Word and Excel! and it's not even fully secured and with the release of Vista, BUGGY AS HELL! XP was the same thing before SP1! I'm still on Vista SP2 (2 years of use) but it bugs me to hell because I can't get DX11 even if I buy a DX11 card just because I'm not on 7! a slap in the face I tell ya!

Moentjers3067d ago

sure, that's what they want (force) you to do. pay, pay, pay, pay, pay
and pray that your hardware still will work
oh, windows 8 is already coming so prepare your wallet

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Apocalypse Shadow3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

gwave make a valid point but it's shot down as trolling.....

microsoft as a whole made lots of money.but the game division lost money for a fourth straight quarter.less and less revenue.but the other side is doing great at microsoft with windows.

so it's fine to celebrate gains on one part but reject parts that are slowly losing money?truthfully,this is only small part of gaming news.but if it's going to be posted,accept the negative that comes along with it:

microsoft's gaming division for the 4th straight quarter,is making less money.


360Defender3067d ago

It could be R&D, lower sales cost and a lot of other mitigating factors.

Strikepackage Bravo3067d ago

Its not JUST the gaming division, its also the zune division and all that other crap, everyone who knows anything, knows that 360 is actually profitable itself, thanks to XBL and the profit made on each unit sold. However that division is involved in a lot of poor selling devises that have to be designed manufactured and marketed.

Strikepackage Bravo3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

the division is not making less money for the 4th straight quarter, it doesn't work that way, the division is profitable, over 600 million in profits to be exact for the year.

They are comparing one 4th quarter to another 4th quarter, one years to another years. After all four quarters in both years compared, there was a profit from the division, but the profit would have been more without the losses. Got it?

Lord_Doggington3067d ago

their entertainment division includes zune (which has obviously lost money), cell phones (kin), and their gaming division. the xbox brand is the most profitable of the bunch!!

k jules3067d ago

Over the last fiscal year Microsofts E&D division made mor than 600 million $$. Last quarter alone, the KIN fiasco cost them $240 million, and all the R&D for Windows Phone 7 is costing them a lot. After that launch I think we're going to see a lot better performance from Microsoft Entertainment and devices division.

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Theo11303067d ago

doesn't almost everyone get wood when they see numbers on this web site, especially stuff like this. As if everyone was in the stock market.

evilmonkey5013067d ago

I sold MY shares of Microsoft a while ago.

gta28003067d ago

16 billion and still can't lock up exclusives, doesn't buy studios and instead pays millions for DLC lol.

Sez 3067d ago

And yet they still making a profit and the 360 still sell without 31 1st party studio, 44 exclusives and super realisic graphics. So I don't understand you comment.

Edit: oh I get it. You just need something to complain about.

commodore643067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Simply put, an amazing achievement for MS and the gaming division!
While Sony has posted PS3 losses of $5 billion, MS has been posting an overall explosion of EADD profits.

Even with increased development and marketing costs for its gaming platforms in the last two quarters, the gaming division has posted a stupendous SIX-FOLD yoy increase in profits for the EADD, at $672 million in profits.

So many detractors and naysayers were projecting the decline and demise of the 360, yet 360 sales have increased for the last quarter, even before the effect of 360S and Kinect are felt or taken into account for upcoming quarters.

It's going to be so amazing to see the effect of the increased sales dues to 360slim, what with 1000% increased sales in the UK and record setting kinect preorders on Amazon.

All evidence is pointing to renewed and sustained 360 profitability and momentum, thanks to these recent technology investments and new sku releases. The last two quarters of investment by MS in its EADD certainly looks set to pay off, both for future quarters and continued year-on-year profitability, that much is clear.

On a negative note, I am continually amazed at the number of short-sighted amateurish analysts who have ranted negatively about the 360, even suggesting it was in decline. Simply put, 360 sales are up again and will likely continue to be up, massively, thanks to the slim, just like the ps3 slim effected the same at its release.
That is a no brainer.

I don't understand how these negative analysts justify their derisive and sour rants, as history shows their predictions have been wrong more often than right, especially with regard to the 360.
Getting it wrong more than 50% of the time.... that's worse than throwing darts at a dartboard - worse than random chance!

The real story is told in the financial reports.
A 600% increase in YOY EADD profitability is a bit hard to ignore.
Yet some will try.
Any angle will do to portray the 360 in a negative light.
Anything at all to vent the spleen.
It borders on insanity.

Is it merely fanboyism or something more?

lh_swe3067d ago

You are right in everything you said. But more than anything I think you want the PS3 to fail, I don't think you want both consoles to thrive.

It seems like (and I may be wrong) that you hate Sony for their losses while I think it's great that they are still swinging. I think MS with their wind to their backs and with huge momentum could capitalise even more by buying up new studios and creating new IP's but instead they are not.

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Misterhbk3067d ago

I understand all the talk of sales, because, when you're talking the console war it just comes up. Understandable. But what does this have to do with Video Games? Windows 7? Really? There was only a single sentence that pertains to anything video game wise? =/ why even post this?

maniacmayhem3067d ago

What does it have to do with Video Games? MS is in the computer software/hardware business which includes VIDEO GAAAAAAMES!

Oh did I happen to mention MS is in the video games business?

So to hear that a company that's in the VIDEO GAMES business doing this well is great news. A record 16 Billion is enough to blow minds.

Or did you make 16 billion this fiscal year? Cause if you did then yea this wouldn't be news to you.

Colonel-Killzone3067d ago

This is not Gaming news. Knowing about how much they made IS NOT gonna enhance my gaming experience or let me know about any news relevant to the games I plan to purchase on the future etc. All this is... Is a place where fanboys and trolls can have a World War 3 battle about he she said and sales and nonsense that Real gamers don't care about.

sikbeta3067d ago

In order to be gaming related news, the main article needs to refer to the MS gaming division, windows can be the OS that people use for gaming, but MS don't see any money from PC Gaming, heck, they even killed all their PC devs, so aside from being the OS for gaming, there is no "connection" between PC gaming and windows

The article that got more to do with gaming and MS, is the one posted by [Zee] under the [GWAVE] post flagged as Trolling, but I'm not going to link it cos then some crowd will say that I'm trolling...

Natsu X FairyTail3067d ago

Golonel Killzone lol your such an hypocrites when theres sony numbers youre up there saying Good for sony etc etc. eff outta with that shit n1gga.

Colonel-Killzone3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Until I realize its all flamebait. Dude real talk don't call me no fucking nigga. I'm not your friend nor do I care to be. Tired of you little kids on N4G think your so tough behind your keyboards. I swear always gotta see some stupid ass racist or bias comment because I'm black. People like you make me sick.

Even on Sony articles its not news its all the same shit. Flamebait and nothing else. And you see me saying it now Sony sales same with Microsoft all flamebait and not gaming news related. And idc if your black white spanish or w.e the fuck you are. Don't ever in your life call me a nigga again. Also its Colonel dumbass.

Using that word proves your a dumbass simple as that. Yes I'm a nigga because I'm black. Not all black people condone using that word retard. Future reference watch your mouth on and off the internet then again your probably a punk who comes online and talk shit anyway so who knows.

maniacmayhem3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

@ Colonel-Killzone

Its only flamebait when fans like you come in here and make it flamebait.
Think about it...

What if you would of came in here and said:

"Wow, that's great news."

Instead you come in here with others and start yelling "This isn't about GAMES" or "TROLL" or "Flame Bait" or anything else sparking the fuse for the flame. Before you start pointing fingers look at yourself and ask yourself is it worth starting this war?

@ Natsu and Lord
Lets keep this civil fellas, I really do hate the "n" word even if you phrase it in the "hip hop" way. Not appropriate in any way.

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Lord_Doggington3067d ago

This is from THE ARTICLE: "1.5 million Xbox 360 consoles sold in the quarter, with over 25 million Xbox Live members total."

There's your goddamn gaming news. Read the article instead of laying on your stomach pounding your fists on the floor. :'(

you retards should be banned from n4g for trolling, off topic, slander, and just being a complete lazy idiot

ingiomar3067d ago


KILLERAPP3067d ago

Good for MS and there share holders…

Kalowest3067d ago

Now make more First-Party Studios, or buy EPIC.

Pandamobile3067d ago

There's a few developers that (for the betterment of the games industry) should never be bought by a larger entity. Epic is one of them.

RockmanII73067d ago

I really hope MS buys Twisted Pixel (The Maw / 'Splosion Man), they have been loyal to the xbox brand and MS could use more good first party studios.

skip2mylou3067d ago

i have not heard of those two games you just said

kissmeimgreek3067d ago

those are some of the greatest XBL games out there. always count on quality and laughs from Twisted Pixel. Cant wait for Captain Smiley! (i think thats the right name)

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