Who's really winning the Hi Def war? See for yourself

As far as HD DVD vs. Blu-ray goes, there have been over a thousand articles that talks about which one is wining and which one is loosing. Each camp have tried so hard to prove every way possible to the consumers that their product it the best, but the real question is, Who's winning the Hi Def war?

The answer after the jump.

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RyuCloudStrife3941d ago

Blu-Ray is winning its better than HD DVD

Bloodmask3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

have the exact same picture quality. They are both 1080P.

ENNO3941d ago

if anything HD DVD is better with its picture in picture features!

Omegasyde3941d ago

When the sales tallies comes out for which version sold more, HDDVD or blue ray.

Then we shall see.

mistertwoturbo3941d ago

*sigh* same thing over and over again. Blu-Ray outsells HD-DVD and will continue to do so.

Bloodmask3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

of interesting that even with all the extra support that Blu ray has that HDDVD has almost as many movies out.

PS3 is improving Blu ray sales but not to a significant extent. There are almost 4,000,000 PS3s out there. Blu ray should be crushing HDDVD. There shouldn't be a 60/40 split.

I read in an article that less than 13% of console purchasers watch movies on them.

techie3941d ago

"if all PS3 owners were actually purchasing Blu ray movies." - uh...I think you answered your own question there...

Merovee3940d ago

But a third of those titles are just the DVD/HD combo version of the same movies they already have on regular HD DVD discs.

cdzie13941d ago

If you say HD DVD is dead with a 38% market share, then PS3 must really be dead with less then 20% market share.

The Blu-ray group is outspending the HD DVD group 10 to 1 and all they can manage is a 62% market share? This is a huge victory for HD DVD! And here come cheaper HD DVD players…

Fighter3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

62% is still a big number. 38% for HD-DVD who also had a head start in this format war. That 38% will soon be diminishing after some big name titles come this fall and holiday season from exclusive Blu-ray backers. I can already think of Spiderman trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and the Matrix trilogy.

EDIT: Matrix trilogy is by Warner Bros and Warner does both formats.

mikeslemonade3941d ago

PS3 is a new console so obviously it's going to have less sales. Hell, even the Wii selling as much as possible has less sales than 360 as of this month. HD-DVD is the older and Blu-ray already passed HD-DVD both in players and in software, so Blu-ray won. You have to be stupid to think HD-DVD is coming back. The format war isn't a football game where a team can come back. Once the new format passes it's over. Get over it!

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The story is too old to be commented.