Thunderbolt: Dis-Kinect Opinion piece

Thunderbolt Writes, "During this year’s E3, Sony and Microsoft unveiled their take on the motion-control idea Nintendo capitalized on with the Wii. Unfortunately, neither company had a calendar on hand. If they had, they would’ve seen it’s 2010 and not 2006 when the concept was a novelty. Chiming in on Move would be redundant, so the focus for the remainder will be on Microsoft’s silly-sounding Kinect, formerly known as the equally silly-sounding Project Natal."

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Agent-863067d ago

1) You can only play standing up
2) Requires 6 feet of space (which actually turns into 9 feet since you need room to move around; 6 feet is the line you can't cross or it'll have trouble tracking you)
3) Only two people can play at a time (and, as far as I know, no Kinect game is playable online)
4) Doesn't recognize wrist or other fine movement
5) High entry price of $150
6) Games are $50 each! Really, $50 to fake pet a fake tiger
7) No games appealing to hardcore gamers
8) Uses 15% of the 360's processing power

Note: before the Xbox flamers toast me, I'm a PC gamer, so don't try to tag me as a Sony fanboy. As an outside observer, I see the Kinect as a total fail.

rdgneoz33067d ago

Yep, at first it sounded like a great idea with it being all hyped up. Was expecting hard core games and the leaked $150 price sounded great for 4 player games. Then E3 showed only casual games which will cost $50, and only 2 people can play at a time... It was suppose to be cheaper than Move (4 people, 150 for the camera to track all 4... or what people thought), but with what has been shown, its the same price as Move if you only have 2 people or trade off turns between 4 people with a 2 player game.
Also, Move you can play sitting down and its precise as hell. As for the 6 feet of space, I read a comment the other day, saying the depending on how tall you are, that 6 feet might turn into around 7 feet to track you properly. Here's hoping they have something hardcore games coming out. R.U.S.E. looked like it would be cool for it, but it was cut since standing up for several hours at a time to play some of the matches.