PS3 has outsold 360’s 2010 with 3 months to spare

PSUNI: With Microsoft releasing its end of fiscal 2010 results, we can see how Sony’s PlayStation 3 has done in relation to the Xbox 360. Surprisingly, despite strong sales in the US, the 360 has already been beaten by the PS3 with three months to spare.

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MariaHelFutura3067d ago

Wow.....sales. I love the PS3 but I`m getting sick of these weekly/daily/hourly/minutely updates.

techie3067d ago

Well - tis end of year results...only comes once a year from Microsoft. So feel warm in the knowledge that you want see this again...until next year.

MariaHelFutura3067d ago

I guess so, I`m just being grumpy.



captain-obvious3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

i think at the end of the year
it'll be really close for both consoles

bioshock12213067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

@captainobvious who knows since if this is to be believed then the Xbox 360 actually increased the gap to 6 million as oppose to 4-5 million like it was a few months ago. So either this is fake or the 360 actually increased the gap somehow?

Cold 20003067d ago Show
zeeshan3067d ago

And wait till they drop GT5 later this year! If they come up with a GT5 bundle, that'll boost the numbers off the charts (at least in Europe)

himdeel3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

...pending pile any minute now :) It's just the way N4G works to give us great gaming news :|

Can I get my popcorn now or should I wait until the 360 article is approved?!?!

ShinMaster3067d ago

——- Q1 — Q2 — Q3 — Q4 — FY — LTD
360: 2.1 — 5.2 — 1.5 — 1.5 — 10.3 —- 41.7
PS3: 3.2 — 6.5 — 2.2 —- ? —- 11.9 —- 35.7
Wii: 3.5 — 11.3 — 3.5 — ? — 18.3 —- 70.9

That's pretty good.

Lol, so true. That's pretty much how it works.
Though I wonder if they'll show statistics too....

NeoBasch3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I find it surprisingly interesting that the Wii has only managed to sell a million more per quarter, except during the Christmas season, as it managed to sell nearly twice as much as its closest competitor (at a whopping 11.3 million). This leads me to believe that all the sales are coming from parents gifting Wiis for Christmas. Maybe this is how all the elderly get their Wiis. Well, that and retirement homes.

Overall, I think both Sony and Microsoft still have a chance to steal some of the Wii's casual market, but I have to say MS will have a tough time breaking into it with a $150 price tag. No one I know is willing to fork over the cash for it. Especially when the games, which look like Shovelware are being priced at $50 a pop. Makes me wonder if the Wii has done more bad than good for gaming. Normally, I would consider opening the market up more a good thing, but not when the competitor's imitate their shovelware... ugh.

sikbeta3067d ago

That's great and all but, Sony! you better prepare patches for Move in all Games, NOW!!!

Rot_in_Fail3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

you have problems with obvious things, reading?
Microsoft's sales include April-June 2010, Sony's don't so the gap is less then 6M for sure.

Sony is doing really great especially lately considering it's year disadvantage (18 months in Europe where it sells very good).

rockleex3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

If we assume that Sony and Nintendo did the same too, then we can just copy paste Q3 results onto Q4.

The new results would be:

-——- Q1 — Q2 — Q3 — Q4 — FY — LTD
360 : 2.1 — 5.2 — 1.5 — 1.5 — 10.3 —- 41.7
PS3: 3.2 — 6.5 — 2.2 — 2.2 — 14.1 —- 37.9
Wii : 3.5 — 11.3 -- 3.5 — 3.5 — 21.8 —- 74.4

That means the gap between the 360 and PS3 would have shrunk down to a 3.8 million difference.

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mrv3213067d ago

How long before we get hourly sales.

darthv723067d ago

i get daily sales updates from my friend who works at target. We chat about life every day around 5:30pm when he gets off work.

I ask how was work he says he sold x amount of wii's and 360 and ps3.

I can get the daily tab for you guys tonight and then the tab for tomorrow if you are really interested?

DontShoot-Me-Bro3067d ago

Hey darth.

Im actually interested, just would want to know like a few days worth, not every single day, maybe 2-3 days of how many each console has sold a day.

if its not much of a hassle, thanks.

rroded3067d ago

well i guess its still news n sales do matter no sales no games...

jus b happy they all b makin money XD

skip2mylou3067d ago

i own stock in APPLE, SONY, MSFT, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, GOOGLE, and TOSHIBA :D j/k if i did i wouldnt b living in a apartment :O

LordMarius3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

All is right with the world

More PS3 market share equals better multiplats with more content for me!

D4RkNIKON3067d ago

Who cares about the multiplats? I care for the exclusives

Christopher3067d ago

I care about good multiplats being available to everyone, not just to one console or another.

Persistantthug3067d ago

But, I do typically value good exclusives more than good multiplats since EXCLUSIVE means it can't be played anywhere else and obviously, Multiplats can.

But yeah,
I like good multiplat games like BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2, for example. :)

tinybigman3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

This will certainly not end well lol. Sales are the root of all evil in videogames this gen.

Ilikegames763067d ago

Corporate PR BS for that. All I care about are the games, as long as I'm happy with the games the companies are releasing then I'm good with that.

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shoddy3067d ago

why not it's a great deal.
if you don't play games then use it for bluray or even 3D.

prunchess3067d ago

Tom Cruise is racing the reasonably priced car at Top Gear this week. By the time the show airs this Autumn GT5 will be near release. This will push PS3 sales through the roof by Xmas in the UK.

greatjimbo783067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

You do realise that show is on this Sunday? Unless you're not in the UK? If so, I've no idea when you get to see it.

I think somewhat shamefully, the PS brand has died here in the UK. Some people just felt Sony took the piss out of us when launching the PS3. But I hope GT5 turns that opinion around, I really do.

You Already Know3067d ago

shouldn't they compare between fiscal years? the 2009 fiscal year between the 3...even at different times, line them up equally

PopEmUp3067d ago

is officially become a laughing stock of N4G(F)

vhero3066d ago

Hmm I wonder where all those 360 fanboys who said sales matter in the other article about how many 360 sold so far are now?

dtalon33066d ago

why dont we all find the posters of these stupid articles and bubble them down and spam them till they leave? oh wait because at least %50 of n4g community has somehow caught the fanboy retardation disease and it is apparently incurable and killing this site.

gtamike3066d ago

When GT5 comes out "game over xbox 360"

Spenok3066d ago

There getting a little redundant huh?

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Cevapi883067d ago

why cant we all just get along

Denethor_II3066d ago

Really? You want to see how many desktops, laptops and notebooks have been sold compared to consoles????

Sheikh Yerbouti3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

There were a whole series of those a year or two back. Really cute.

MRJENKINS3067d ago

so far this year ps3 sold 5 million
360 sold 4.3 million i think the 360 can make a comeback manly because of the 360 slim since the release of the 360 slim the 360 has sold 800k units

gamerzBEreal173067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Do your research the 360s that sold were not the 360Slim 60% of those sales was just the old xbox360's at $249 b/c the retailers wanted to get rid of them so take away 60% of that and thats what the 360Slim sold so far lol also the ps3s game sales are up and 360s are down now if the 360 sales are up 800k units why arnt people buying games for it? maybe because its just the same R3tards rebuying 360s just for it to fail 5 months later?

Risky_243067d ago

Learn to read 1st then. He never said the new 360 sold 800k so keep your skirt on.

PopEmUp3067d ago

i thought he wearing panty?

Sheikh Yerbouti3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I think Move and Kinect each will cancel each other out as far as sales. Kinect probably has the biggest draw, but Move has a two month headstart.

By the time Halo is released, the price drop/clear out will be long forgotten, but the redesign will be in full effect.

As a person who plays both consoles, even if I don't own both, XBox owners really deserve internal Wifi and a better designed console. I think this will help move sales, because current owners want a quieter, more reliable 360 experience. Bundle a Halo: Reach, and we're going to see another sales spike going into the holidays.

Last year you had to give it to Sony, but Microsoft is showing it can compete. I still stand by my prediction that the PS3 will pass the 360 by late 2012. But 2010 looks like another 2008, where 360 manages to match PS3 sales mostly because of the American consumer.

After that it's all Sony. Microsoft places third this console generation.

moparful993066d ago

Here's the kicker the ps3, despite the truck loads of bad publicity and the american consumers shunning it, has managed to match and even outpace the 360 in some instances. Add to that the ever growing library of AAA exclusives and the ps3 is poised to do great things in the next half of this generation...

Omega43067d ago ShowReplies(16)
KingNintendoFanboy3067d ago

Wow. Now how about those Wii sales?