CVG Previews: Crash of the Titans

Since his birth at Naughty Dog, Crash has been passed around developers like Damien Thorn was passed around parents. Crash's fate now lies in the hands of Radical Entertainment, who's made its fair share of changes to the formula.

Crash of the Titans is totally different to any previous Crash game, mainly because it casts aside platforming for a much bigger focus on combat. Instead of the basic spin attack of his previous games, crash now has a selection of fighting moves. Hammer the B button on the Wii Remote and he unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks for example...

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Violater3782d ago

Looks like a good ps2 game, should turn out to be fun.

jay33782d ago

I'm actually really looking foreward to this game.

I remember absoulutely loving the first one. Getting this one is gonna be like going back to the old school kind of games.

I think it;s just gonna be s nice fun platforming(?)game, that isn't trying to be innovative or particularly next gen, that everyone can enjoy.