Heavenly Sword Producer responds to Itagaki;new game details : 48 missions, 6 acts and more

Yesterday, Itagaki Tomonobu made some remarks about Heavenly Sword, an upcoming exclusive game for the PS3, that the game is "half assed" players will not get much from the title". Heavenly Sword producer Kyle Shubel has responded to Itagaki's comment made in the latest EGM magazine.

Heavenly Sword producer Kyle Shubel:
"My response to Mr. Itagaki would be that the intent of the Hero sequences is to empower the player to experience events that would be nearly impossible to play in a natural platforming state…

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DiLeCtioN3973d ago

48 missions thats wicked cant wait

Violater3973d ago

We all know Itagaki disses the games he's afraid of.
And wow yea 48 missions.

Loudninja3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

He just bash every game of the same genre of his games.

TriggerHappy3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

New to the others who did not know...:)

THC CELL3973d ago

Itagaki in ya face mate

techie3973d ago

48 missions...that would mean 15-20 minutes per mission. I have a feeling that if one doesn't rush, this game will be quite a bit longer than 12-15hours. Especially when all missions are replayable with your new moves ;)

And Hero Sequences - I like them when they truly are epic - cinematic, and glorious, exciting and swelling, meaningful and majestic. If they are lame and repetitious I'm not interested.

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The story is too old to be commented.