Why the Gaming World Went Up in Arms Over Microsoft's $149 Kinect Pricing

Microsoft's $149 Kinect pricing shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone following the story. In fact, just a year ago that price point would have been praised. What went wrong to cause such a backlash from almost every games community on the Internet?

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PimpHandHappy2801d ago

with real reviews b4 i say anything like

"150 bucks 2control the dashboard is 2 much"


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Yi-Long2801d ago

... and I'm even less interested in it now.

It will be 50 bucks next summer.

darthv722801d ago

are those who arent interested in kinect in the first place. ironic isnt it?

Looking at the degree meter on the front page, kinect has been hit with so much bad press that it has gained hype from negativity on this site.

So are people really up in arms over kinect pricing or is there something more?

IdleLeeSiuLung2800d ago

Yet, it sells like hot cakes four months in advance of the release so who cares...

You would think all the bad press here is suggest it is the end of the world, but frankly it is just the fanboys hating. They probably secretly buy it anyhow!

jjohan352801d ago

I'd rather buy Wii for $200.

stuna12800d ago

HA ha I like that in you! Lets hope it doesn't get to that. Bubble on me

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MariaHelFutura2801d ago

The Eyetoy/PSeye is $39.99 and failed miserably twice.

Neko_Mega2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Your prices are off, EyeToy is dirt cheap now, $29.99 for PS Eye.

But if you think of it this way, $99.99 (Playstation Move with game, cam and controller) and the cam tracks you as well as uses the controller to track hand movement Vs Kinect $150 with game and cam.

Now which is cheaper? or Which one does more?

Keep in mind both can be use to chat with to.

IdleLeeSiuLung2800d ago

Can PS Eye do full body tracking?

xxLuckyStrike2801d ago

poor marketing...Sony has since been schooled by Microsoft on how to market and have since officially stepped it up..

Ridley92801d ago

MS had been schooled by nintendo for 5 years now..

Apocalypse Shadow2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

i guess collectively selling just as much as the top games on 360 like halo 3 is a failure..

**As of November 6, 2008, the EyeToy has sold 10.5 million units worldwide.[2]**

so as of 2008,without knowing how many used eyetoy or pseye cameras were sold,or how many cameras were sold in 2009-2010,sony sold at least 10-15 million cameras.and that's NOT counting pseye.and it's only failure was sony not pushing it fully in america.

but i guess selling 10+ million is bad.we get it.and the accurate,no lag move is just a wii HD.we get it.

Trroy2801d ago

near 10% of PS2 owners bought an EyeToy?

Wow. If 3.5M PS3 owners (10%) already have a PSEye, the Move might take off quicker than I expected!

Tolkoto2801d ago

I don't know if I would have bought Kinect if it was $50.

ClownBelt2801d ago

Hear me singing, Lord, kum bay ya

siyrobbo2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

This is what i dont get

US price for 250gb slim = $299
UK Price for 250gb slim = £199

Us price for Slim 4gb + Kinect = $299
Uk price for slim 4gb + Kinect = £249

Where the hell is the extra £50 coming from????

Did they use 2 different calculators when they worked out the prices?

According to google 150 U.S. dollars = 98.1546918 British pounds, so why is the price marked up by over 30%?

Oner2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

It's called Microsoft Math! Just like how they claim to have *uhm* "sold" (*oops* I really mean shipped) 40 Million *ahem* "working" 360's ... ;P

But setting my little snide remark aside that would be quite aggravating if I was on the wrong side of the pond in this instance and can understand your problem.

KingKiff2801d ago

What did you expect. Consistent pricing over the globe for this thing? Not a chance of that, they will slug you more because they can and that is it.

It's the same here in Australia, we pay at least 30% more than the US and our conversion rate is only like 80 odd cents to their dollar.

MS do it because the know people will buy it at the price they set no matter what.

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