Gran Turismo 5 pre-order cars.

The pre-order bonus cars from Amazon and Gamestop have been revealed

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Spaghett2736d ago

This preorder bullshit needs to stop. Give everybody the damn cars!

Cevapi882736d ago

uhh this has more to do with the retailers than the games themselves...give the dev some incentive and retailers like GS profit...but with the amount of vehicles this game already has, i see this as being pointless since customization in the game is suppose to allow us to make each vehicle unique based on each gamers least that is what i have heard

Legosz2736d ago

950+ in the game and yet people still need to buy more...

2736d ago
xc7x2736d ago

same with DLC that's on the discs too,enough of that bs.

mercenarie2736d ago

some of us knew about the pre order incentives months ago, fail.

Neko_Mega2736d ago

Most likely it will show up on the PSN later on, besides it is a preorder gift, be happy you get something at all.

Awesome_Face2736d ago

All those cars look terrible

ABizzel12736d ago

Can you still bring cars over from GT PSP

Spenok2734d ago

Sorry bro, its goin nowhere.

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N4BmpS2736d ago

As soon as you pre-order the Game the car(s) drop in front of your house GTA (cheat unlock) style.

blasian2736d ago

Those are two dam good cars. Im going with the mercesdes all day everyday.

PoSTedUP2736d ago

i think the McClaren stealth is nicer, looks like a ford GT a little from that angle.
would love to get that 2010 Nissan Skyline GT-R (PD gave the 09' GT-R as free DLC in GTpsp) i fell in love with the skyline since the first GT.
i think that mercedes would look nicer if it was shiny pearl black, not dull char cole.

DaTruth2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

If the Skyline is a preorder bonus, that's straight fu(ked up! That's one of the best cars in the game! Better have every other year of Skyline still in the game!

Stuff like that is almost worth a boycott of the respective retailers!

Edit: Misread your comment. Good, just stupid paint job cars of other cars that will still be in the game!

Noctis Aftermath2736d ago

It's no longer called a Skyline, it's simply "GT-R"

PoSTedUP2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

its still called a skyline in japan, the GT-R is what its labeled in america i guess because it was only recently released here in the states not to long ago. b4 the skyline was only available in japan now they imported the GT-R over (basically the same thing) just with out the "skyline" in its name.

C L O U D2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Seems more like paints schemes of the cars to be included in the game anyways.

CobraKai2736d ago

Hasn't this already been revealed, like a while ago?

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The story is too old to be commented.