Mafia II Trophy List Revealed

TGH Writes: "While browsing the internet we have come across the trophy list for Mafia II & the Playstation 3 exclusive DLC, Jimmy's Vendetta, coming August 24th to the US. Remember trophies may contain spoilers to the gameplay, proceed with caution"

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ShadyDevil3063d ago

I been waiting for this list to surface

Darkstorn3063d ago

It looks like you get over 60% completion just from playing through the story mode. Excellent!

ShadyDevil3063d ago

Thats the best part. lol

badz1493063d ago

ALL of them! I tend to go running around and do stuff not related to story! that's why the only GTA I've ever finished playing was LCS on the PSP and I've played countless hours of every GTA available since GTAIII LOL!

I'm now having trouble to finish GTAIV (bored of it already tbh), GTAIV DLC, JC2 and RDR! I even have problem finishing Batman AA and that's not even a fully sandbox game! I wanna give Mafia II a try but maybe will need to wait for another time! that's the thing I love about games like Uncharted 2 and GoW3! I'm in the story the whole time.

gedapeleda3063d ago

Mafia 2 is more to the story it's linear

badz1493063d ago

I will give it a go though but just not right out of the release door!

Lucreto3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

"End of the Rainbow
Settle the score with the Irish once and for all."

Oh dear more Irish bashing. LEAVE THE IRISH ALONE. :'(

ExplosionSauce3063d ago

How do you think the Russians feel? Lol

MGRogue20173063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

... Sounds lovely. It's gonna' be one hell of a treat to collect all of these! mmmmmm, makes me dick go up.. lol nah, not really :)

ShadyDevil3063d ago

Speak for yourself. :) I got a chubs. <3 Trophies

M-Easy3063d ago

Good list, looks easy but no one has played the game yet so who knows.

3063d ago
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