StarCraft 2 and PlayStation Move, A Match Made In Heaven?

As we know, RTS games generally don't fare too well on consoles, due to control limitations. But the PlayStation Move does open up some interesting options that haven't been possible before

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ElitaStorm2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

i think i heard Hip hop gamer lol

he's everywhere ^^

Klipz-Wish2771d ago

That was definetly hiphopgamer haha

HorsePowerr2771d ago

Wow did you see that? amazing.
Day 1 baby.

darkmurder2771d ago

Like hell this game would ever go over to consoles, SC2 is built by the PC, for the PC and shall perish on anything other than the mighty PC

mikeslemonade2771d ago

This will happen. The doubters are wrong. LOL at Starcraft 2 being too powerful for consoles. RTS games don't need that much power at all.

Agent-862771d ago

@darkmurder, mikeslemonade could be right. From the specs I read, SC2 is only running on dx9c. I think the PS3 could very well run it.

Odion2771d ago

this kinds of comments are made by people who don't play RTS titles.

WhatARump2771d ago

It's not the power but the complexities

Sure it could RUN on ps3, but would it be fun?
You need the pc interface for RTS games... it's sad but nothing else feels quite the same =/

amrasmord2771d ago

Imagine trying to micro with a Move... Good luck.

Lich1202771d ago

How do RTS games not need very much power? If anything, they're the ones that need the most. The reason the graphics are never quite up to FPS (or other genre) standards is because there can literally be 200+ units on screen all requiring complex AI and pathfinding. Not to mention all the effects that come along with their attacks.

RedSky2771d ago

The mouse control with the Move is only one part.

Playing Starcraft 2 without a keyboard for hotkeys is like trying to use a controller without opposable thumbs. You'd need either a full keyboard plugin or another device with a hell of a lot more buttons.

rockleex2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Yup, definitely HipHopGamer. XD

Hotkeys? MMORPGs require a lot of hotkeys yet they're still possible on consoles.

Starcraft 1 was possible on the N64.

raztad2770d ago

Dunno about starcraft 2. That game is one of the most appreciated PC games so let it stay there. However, there is a clear potential for custom made RTS coming to a PS MOVE close to you. Regarding the power needed, AI of hundred units at the same time + effects and stuff, I'm pretty sure the PS3 is more than capable to handle that.

The issue with RTS on consoles is that devels wont be making one exclusively for MOVE, it would have to support the DS3/xbox pad as well. So the gameplay will be dumbed down from the get go. I'm not sure if games as RUSE will be substantially different whether you are using MOVe or not.

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nsnsmj2771d ago

I said the same thing!!! thats friggin crazy. U can distinguish that sound from anything. Ha!

Lou-Cipher2771d ago

I dont see any reason why Sony shouldn't be gunning for Starcraft 2 & Civilization 5. Not only could the PS3 (probably)run those games, they could do it the way that RTS games are supposed to be played. (With a Keyboard & Mouse)

Move looks like it is going to be perfect for some RTS action, but I guess we will have to see how Ruse pans out first.

Agent-862771d ago

@Lou-Cipher, I would also love to see both those strategy games on the PS3 with Move support. Graphically, I don't think either would be too intense for the PS3 to handle. From what I've read, SC2 is only running at dx9c which is just about where the PS3/360 are running. Civ 5 is turn-based, so it shouldn't be too much either and they've already done Civ Rev for the consoles.

Nihilism2771d ago

+ 1 I could have sworn this was a HHG title as well.

sikbeta2771d ago

StarCraft 2 and PlayStation Move = something I really want to try it out...

reaferfore202771d ago

Or they could just have kb+mouse support. It's that simple. I don't understand why more games don't implement this. UT3 is the only one I know of. Correct me if I'm wrong.

badz1492771d ago

MOVE will never ever beat hotkeys on kb+mouse! PS3 is already supporting this by default and it bugs me a lot due to the lack of support of this feature by the devs especially those making FPS!

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Pandamobile2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Give it a couple months after PS Move's release and we'll have some third party applications that will be able to retrofit PS Move into PC games.

Hellsvacancy2771d ago

StarCraft 2 on PS3 would blow my mind, id love 2 play it, my laptops 4 years old and i didnt buy it with the intent of playin games on it (it wouldnt even run Hitman Contracts)

Ill probably buy a new laptop in the new year anyway, i was gonna specifically ask that StarCraft would run perfectly

MadMen2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

This site has lost its mind, they are coming up with anything and everthing when it comes to articles on kinect and move, its getting as bad as political journalism in here

Silly gameAr2771d ago

Yeah man. It just gets more ridiculous everyday.

spektical2771d ago

unless ps3 can support keyboard and mouse while in-game, no SC2 should not be on ps3.. even with move.

Hallucinate2771d ago

it can unreal tournament 3 had it

Kamikaze1352771d ago

And LittleBigPlanet 2 is getting keyboard along with mouse support.

Ilikegames762771d ago

does support keyboard and mouse. One thing which PS3 had an advantage over the PC. The games can't be pirated yet. As for the PC, I've already heard that SC2 is all over the net in the form of torrent.

Apollyn2771d ago

Battlenet required log in baby CD has to be registered to Benet account

jneul2771d ago

ps move is a 3d mouse, you silly person, so all we need is keyboard support!!