American Weekly Chart for Week Ending 17th July 2010

Americas Hardware:

Console - Weekly (change) - Total
DS --- 104,007 (-3%) - 47,997,707
360 --- 103,167 (0%) - 23,908,830
Wii --- 68,853 (-5%) - 34,175,497
PS3 --- 50,053 (-1%) - 14,347,499
PSP --- 14,690 (-2%) - 19,538,968
PS2 --- 8,785 (-3%) - 52,175,129

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MariaHelFutura2706d ago

Good week for everyone according to make believe chartz.

tinybigman2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

are you happy will you sleep well again after seeing the numbers? honest question.

anyway i guess VGC will be a regular on the front page of N4G from now on until some figures come in that don't sit right with some people.

oh both 360 and PS3 fanboys are dumba$$ idiots get a life.

demonddel2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

who u talking bout willis

tinybigman2706d ago

Nice one demon haven't heard that line in years.

Counter Strike2706d ago

Couldnt u guys just post the Worldwide that should come tomorrow ?? God Damn.

tyrex2706d ago

don't give away their secret. if they post america's numbers today they can post europe's later, then japan's, then world wide numbers. that way they can have a top story everyday. (cause you know dem fanboy's love to play the numbers game (exclusively on n4g) lol

Trroy2706d ago

Yeah, WW numbers are too balanced to be the source of fanboy-wars. That isn't news. ;)

Spenok2704d ago

That would be nice right? But they get more hits this way. Sad but true.

playstation_clan2706d ago ShowReplies(3)
Jay5202706d ago

I wonder when the 360 SLIM will cool down?

Omega42706d ago

Don't know why people mention rebuys wouldn't the old owners sell their old consoles to new people anyway.

Chris3992706d ago

Honestly. It's one of the riskiest/ most urban legend haunted purchases around. The chances are much more likely for someone on a budget to purchase a new, reduced price, or soon to be 4GB Arcade.

And again, to illustrate just how little sense you have, if you look at the software numbers, they've gone up a whopping 2%. So you have a 100% increase in sales, but the same - relatively speaking - software purchasing trends as you had before the hardware spike. Hmm... Better call Mrs. Marple or Columbo on this one, it's a real puzzler...

It's obvious that a great deal of these 360s ARE rebuys. And there's nothing wrong with that, it's all money in MS' pocket and more units in the wild, but really get a reality check.

tyrex2706d ago

and to add a little to that what does it matter if people are rebuying consoles the end number is all fanboy care about right? and if you want to compare to the ps3 redesign. the ps3 redesign was cool but the 100 dollar price drop was the big deal. the boost in numbers of hardware with the software of the ps3 vendicated the ps3 as a good system with good games the only barrier was the price point at the time.

Trroy2706d ago

As I stated above, the attach rates for the 360 don't seem to have budged this past month, which is odd, considering the surge in X360 HW sales.

Either they are re-buys, or the used market is really picking up on the 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.