Heavenly Sword: Serpent Lady Battle Extended

This is a video extension of the serpent lady battle complete with the button-sequence finisher and concluded by an in-game cutscene.

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Lord Anubis3763d ago

in the same fashion a fisherman's catches its pray. The video served its purpose. It threw the hook and I have bitten.

I want to know what happens next.

FirstknighT3763d ago

Those graphics looked like a ps2. Are you serious? I seen Xbox games make better water splashes than that. The textures looked horrible. Can a sony fanboy tell me that looked good? Anybody have the courage to speak out with some smarts????? Anybody???

beast3763d ago

are you turning green on jealousy or just plain retard.

Graphics looks sweet, you are not even watching an HD as it was meant to be. If anything hands on expression has fallen over for the graphics so take your halo 2.5 and the rest of pc bound games face out of this thread if you dont own a ps3 .

TheExecutive3763d ago

Youre an idiot firstknight and I have an ignore button. Go look at a ps2 game then look at these graphics. You should feel dumb. Goodbye.

techie3763d ago

says guys looking at a youtube video.

Have you read any preview saying anything other than the graphics are glorious?

I could go through all the previews of people who have actually played the game in HD?

I doubt that's needed, as I'm sure you know you're acting like a fool and I don't need to make you look like one.

boi3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

can't blame him I mean comon his properly still playing on his Xbox or even a gamecube to even notice the big graphics difference on any game on any next gen consoles plus I don't think he knows the difference between HD and a youtube video...

so just give him a break guys :)

anyways nice another Heavenly Sword clip

DiLeCtioN3763d ago

dont you have any good things to say other than the 360 and xbox is better in graphics...spare me troll.i bet if microsoft kept heavenly sword you will be bum licking it...oh also this video is low res so stfu

Bazookajoe_833763d ago

Either you didnt see HH but H3 or youre just turning green of envy and has to spill all that shiit out. Theres also a option involving youre mother and father being brothers...

FirstknighT3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

...and I get nothing. Actually I will correct myself, I didn't see this video. I saw the HD video on gametrailers. So my complaint is legit.

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AllroundGamer3763d ago

uf there was a huge bug in the catching scene, where the serpent lady dissapeared.

MACHone3763d ago

In other news, I'm glad to see Heavenly Sword is gonna be chocked full of crazy boss battles. Bosses are one of my favorite parts of action/adventure games.

Watkins3763d ago

I DON'T want to watch this! It's really tempting

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The story is too old to be commented.