GameCrashers Radio Ep.52 – Stupid Easy!

In Super Easy Mode, this podcast will reward you for playing it at 2x speed. Just expect it to make only 1/2 as much sense.

The Rundown:
- Boris is back, he’s happy to see you, and, yes, that is a discussion topic in his pants.
- Stupid News Update: Blizzard takes Real ID off the table: the reactions that shut Real ID down (for now)
- Discussion Topic: What’s the deal with Super Easy Modes in games?
- We discuss the importance of easy, medium, hard, and super hard modes in games and field listener comments and responses.

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BorisTI3069d ago

This show always needs more Boris.

BorisTI3069d ago

Modesty doesn't get you the millions of loyal fans I assume myself to have.