Marketing Aside, EA or 2K? Which Game Delivers A Next Gen Football Experience? asks gamers, marketing aside, which game delivers on it's next gen football promise?

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Genki3787d ago

Bought APF a couple days ago, and while a stellar game, unquestionably miles and miles above NCAA/Madden in terms of gameplay, it's STILL a rehash of 2K5. Sorry, but in 3 years, that's just unacceptable.

I like 2K Sports, and they seem to be a hard working, shoot for the moon kind of dev, but there were some obvious conflicts of interests about this game. In 3 years, a completely new engine from the ground up should have been built, the fps shouldn't even have been an afterthought, and the graphics should look as good as NHL 2K8. What we did get is a game that looks and plays just like 2K5.

That's not bad per se, as I still consider 2K5 to be the best football game ever, but really...I can understand not wanting to alienate your core audience, but SOME progress MUST be made with three years and a whole console jump later. Inexcusable. I am enjoying the Hell out of my game, but I'm still disappointed with the lack of effort.

LostChild3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

that really none of them have hit the next-gen mark. APF is not there simply for the fact that 2k wasn't about to gamble millions on a new Football game that doesn't have the NFL in the title. (Test the public and if it sells well, crank it up for round two) As for EA, well, they could careless. They know Madden will sell simply because (1) they have the NFL teams and (2) because of the brand name alone. Any thing else that EA brings to the table are extras that was left out in 06 and 07. We will not see a next-gen foot game until EA's Madden sells are hurting because of the competition. Sad to say, that wont be until 2k Steps up their game and come out with something that will wow people like Gears of War & Metal Gear4 did when they were first shown.

Lacarious3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

yes you are... go away now.

donscrillinger3786d ago

at least i'm not the only one who cares about what these wack azz cats have been putting out on the next gen system .2k just has made an better next gen football on the 360 than e.a. has and this is there 1st game out the gate ,just wait till the next football game comes out.also yeah who cares that the engine they use was an very touch up 2k5 ,cuz fasho its still 5 years ahead of what e.a. has brought to the table and you cats know it .

AAACE53786d ago

Neither of the football games released on any next gen console have advanced much! But if I had to choose which one is the best football game you can get right now... I would have to go with APF 2K8!

I just can't believe with all this processing power, they haven't advanced the overall game. The graphics should look lifelike. The gameplay should be freakishly realistic by now. And yes this is a direct assault on EA sports, because this will be the third year they have made games for a next gen console. And truthfully it still feels like playing last gen. 2K has been out of it for a while so it will take them a while to get back into action.

When you look at games like Gears, Killzone 2, Halo, FFXIII, Mass effect and all those other next gen games... It's irritating to see how sports games haven't evolved the way they should have! I believe that deal with the NFL and EA sports is the reason for this lack of evolution. EA never liked to push the envelope with it's sports games, and that deal just made it easier for them to come out with the exact same game every year, only adding a few things here and there!

I'll tell you seriously..."I don't like that deal at all!"

Genki3786d ago

There's too many games showcasing what's under the hood this there really is no excuse for sports developers to play it safe.

Sad really, it's the same thing happening to the fighting genre. The whole world is hyped for Doa5, Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur...but in actuality I'm sure they'll play the way they have for...I don't know, the past 7 years or so?