Half of all PC Game Sales are Downloads

A recent report reveals that almost half of all PC game sales in the US in 2009 were purchased as digital downloads, uncovering the increasing shift away from physical media to digital retail channels.

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roblef2769d ago

Long Live Downloadable Games!

CrAppleton2769d ago

Good market for DLGs.. but too much piracy on comps

Legosz2769d ago


SKUD2769d ago

Or at least untill the network goes bust.

HolyOrangeCows2769d ago

Long live restrictions and leasing games under companies! Yeah!


CrAppleton2769d ago

actually.. half are pirated..

bgrundman2769d ago

Those are counted as sales though.

roblef2769d ago

Now, just let us freaking resell them.

mrv3212769d ago

Steam sales make reselling pointless because you can pick up games for like $5

ic4ruz2769d ago

No, what if I want a specific game ? What i'm just supposed to wait months even years until it gets that lucky Steam sale ?

What an idiotic thing to say and I don't understand why that statement has got 2 "agree".

mrv3212769d ago

You know what... you take so much for granted.

The point of trading in is for MONEY... now if you truly need the money maybe you can spend a month or two and wait for a price drop.

If you want a specific game? Wait, will it kill you? No. THEN WAIT!

webeblazing2769d ago

yea i do love selling my $60 game for 25 yea then they sell it for $55 yea. i love buying used games save me so much money when im better off buying and selling from/to my friends. kids these days

roblef2769d ago

I think they mean half of the games that are bought are bought as downloads. ;)

Neco5122769d ago

yeah, but it is kinda funny how much isn't bought at all, just stolen

roblef2769d ago

Game companies still seem to post profits every quarter though, for the most part. They're getting to be as profitable as movies. And if that's WITH the stolen ones....

Ocelot5252769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

this isn't stealing, someone isn't losing something. when something is stolen, someone(mostly a shopkeeper) has lost something.

when you already spend a shitload of money at games and pirate the rest of them you aren't an asshole. Or when you simply can't afford games(those russians also deserve to play games).

If you got money and stil pirate all games THEN you should go to hell.

remember that law isn't always = ethics.

dktxx22769d ago

its stealing. no debate possible. warping definition doesn't justify it.

deltaforce822769d ago

Go look at the pirate bay and see how many 360 games are on there, you idiots act like its only the PC that's pirated

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Pandamobile2769d ago

Developers get something like 4x more money per unit sold on an online marketplace like Steam, than they would at retail.

On every $50 game sold on Steam, $30 goes right back to the developer. For every $50 game sold at retail, only about $7.50 goes back to the developer. So even though the PC version of most games sell less than the console versions, the developers are still making shit-loads of cash.

Ocelot5252769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

if you're right than steam games should at least be cheaper than retail(in europe it mostly isn't, dunno in us and a)

TABSF2769d ago

from what I have heard Valve only take a 10% cut from every sale

So a $50 would account for $5 for Valve and $45 for Developer/ Publisher

Zinc2769d ago

Yes, generally the largest portion goes to the publisher. In cases where a developer is owned by a publisher... it almost all becomes profit, that's one of the biggest reasons publishers buy developers and generally developers give up more of their freedom for more resources and stability.

I personally think it's a myth they aren't making any money. Everybody seems to be quick to say PC games, in particular don't make money, but that's just not true. I'm not even talking about MMO's. The PC market makes money, period.

I don't even understand why console centric gamers are so interested in throwing the PC gamers under the bus or trying to sweep them under the rug, like they aren't there. It makes little sense in the broader landscape of gaming.

Pandamobile2769d ago

Valve takes about 30% or so of each game sold on Steam. That goes towards advertising space on Steam, as well as what ever other services Valve offers like bandwidth and multiplayer.

peowpeow2769d ago


On Steam games are literally half the price of retail

il-mouzer2769d ago

Games from STEAM are cheaper than retail in the Netherlands, even when converted from USD to EUR =/

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starven2769d ago

Steam has a great store. I can shop there and never get dressed. I just hope they never go out of business and I lose all those games i have bought.

Chris_TC2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

They've already said that they have a back-up plan in place should Steam ever be cancelled to make sure no customer loses any of their games.

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