DeathSpank - Spawn Kill Review

"I have the feeling that DeathSpank is going to appeal to a lot of old-school gamers. Too many modern-era games try to deliver a serious, intense, epic, and dramatic story with multitudes of plot twists, betrayals, and the like. DeathSpank goes the complete opposite direction. Full of crisp visuals and irreverent humor, the latest from Ron Gilbert and Hothead Games delivers what many gamers want, but not necessarily what they might expect." -- K-Tuck of Spawn Kill

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theherp802948d ago

I really want to play this but i'll be waiting for a price drop

rrquinta2948d ago

Yeah, I will probably pick it up when it goes on sale.

tigresa2948d ago

I'm going to try it just to experience what the humor is like, because I can't just grapple it from an explanation!

K-Tuck2948d ago

It's definitely an experience.