A Message from the Fortune City Tourism Board

The Fortune City Dept. of Tourism writes:

"Everything you've heard about the newly renovated Fortune City, Nevada is true. Despite the dirty zombie horde, Fortune City is filled with activities for visitors of all kinds, not just deathwish-carrying thrillseekers. Lose your head - and maybe your heart - in Fortune City."

It appears the folks at Fortune City have even created 2 new websites and commercials to promote tourism.

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Neco5123068d ago

I like how they're promoting this stuff

CrAppleton3068d ago

Yeah, they're promoting DR2 well, hope it lives up to the hype

3068d ago
MxShade3068d ago

Zombies always steal the good slot machines.

El_Colombiano3068d ago

Dead Rising....I love a drug!

killyourfm3068d ago

Now THIS is the kind of marketing ALL video games should employ!

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