GT5 destroys Forza 3

There has been a lot of debate about whether or not Gran Turismo 5 is really a better looking game than Forza 3. Consider the debate over. GT5 without a doubt eviscerates Forza 3. The proof is in the pictures.

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gamelova3068d ago

Such common sense. GT5 demolishes Forza on every level possible.

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EvilBlackCat3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

November 2 people

Dont act that day No acting ok

Do not come here leaving comments swearing that its a simulator.

"There has been a lot of debate about whether or not Gran Turismo 5 is really a better looking game than Forza 3."

Well this debate have always been bringed by SONY GT fanboys only BUT they never get into the "simulation" the way they do it about the graphics.

nintenflo3068d ago

"well this debate have always been bringed by SONY"

Great english there, great english!!!!!!! LOL

Conloles3068d ago

Lol it doesnt demolish Forza in all areas, customization and online play is areas where it does not. Pretty poor considering in the time its been developed there have been 2 Forza games released and its catching up to the franchise extremely fast.

moparful993068d ago

Seriously this will be the first full retail gran turismo that will have online.. Polyphony has managed to implement 16 player online races.. Don't see forza doing that. Your only valid point is the customization.. But not everyone is into that so if you like it then great play forza but I play racing games to uhh i dunno..RACE! Lol wow turn 10 made two games in 4 years. Your point is? Forza 2 looked like ass and played like ass.. Forza 3 was the only decent release in the series and it still doen't look as good as gtp let alone gt5...

PSNTomaz3068d ago

How the hell would you know when the game isnt even out yet?

sGIBMBR3068d ago

I agree with PSNTomaz. You all say GT5 is so amazing and rapes Forza3 in the ass, but lets face it, you've never played GT5, I've never played GT5 and none of us will until release.

All this bull shit talk is annoying the hell out me. Hey guys... Do you know Halo: Reach owns the hell out of Killzone3? How do I know that you may ask? Well, here's the thing, I'm using the same magic ball as your all doing.

I'm as optimistic for GT5 as the rest of you guys, but when it comes down to it, I guess I'm more of a racing fan than most people on this website, sure you all act like you love racing games but really the only reason your loving GT5 is because its PS3 exclusive, it makes me sad to see how lame some people are.

A fan of real racing games would play Forza and appreciate it for what it is, a good fkin game, but no... You all continue to bash a good game just because it isn't GT5.

Get a life, seriously you fkin retards, none of you are fans of racing games, just love to troll!

ranmafandude3068d ago

but gt5 just has so much passion and quality put into it i just cannot ignore that i'm just a long time gamer lol.

Ilikegames763068d ago

people who don't owned a PS3 are so insecure about a game for the PS3?

negative3068d ago

Why are people who do own a PS3 so insecure about a game that hasn't come out yet for the PS3????

Narutone663068d ago

That's a stupid question.
How can people who owns a PS3 be insecure of a game which isn't release yet?

Domer253067d ago

Considering PD's track record (pun intended), It's pretty safe to say that it will be the best driving sim at release. But logically speaking, I haven't played it, so who knows. Either way i feel this will be the best sixty bucks spent in a long time.

--see you on the track.

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GaMa853068d ago

Next gen don't start till Sony says it does.

El_Colombiano3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

This has already been established. This generation of gaming started in November of 2006.

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N4BmpS3068d ago

Wow opium, you're highly upset. Calm down, it's not like they're insulting your beliefs or anything.

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Kingdom Come3068d ago

How can we tell your speaking he truth about not being upset through a computer? Works both way's, don't cry.

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omodis4203068d ago

Without a doubt it is no competition. Kinda silly there is even a debate. Then again I guess all the noise is 360 fans trying to make themselves feel better. Everyone else can see it plain as day.

ClownBelt3068d ago

Although I'm not gonna buy it, I gotta admit that it does looks really good.