Is This The PlayStation 3 Game With The Most Trophies?

Three Platinum PlayStation 3 Trophies on one disc? And that's not at all?

This November's Sly Collection contains three full PlayStation 2 Sly Cooper games on one PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray disc. Plus it will include PlayStation Move mini-games.

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Umbrella Corp3015d ago

Only on the Playstation 3.

sinncross3015d ago

Granted its great to see a Sly Cooper HD collection, but I do hope he makes the jump to the PS3 with a new entry in the series.

sikbeta3015d ago

Sly collection FTW!!!

Bring on the other Amazing Collections Sony!!!

*waiting for ICO collection*


It has 3 Plats, that gives you a hint...

jerethdagryphon3015d ago

first day buy and agreed slys cool

Christopher3015d ago

No. There are 3 games and 1 platinum trophy per game.

Ocelot5253015d ago

nevertheless trophy whores are masturbating at it

Christopher3015d ago

No denying that Ocelot :)

Convas3015d ago

Hey, Hey, I'm not masturbating! I'm drooling. Big difference. And I prefer to be called a "Trophy Hunter".

Redempteur3015d ago

you 're not whoring if you play this game ...

you're whoring if you play terminator salvation or hanamontana to get trophies.

WildArmed3015d ago

if u have terminator salv. or Hannah Montana plats.. you know you are whoring.

Sly was a great game, i dont know why any1 would have anything against going after the plat in fun games such as these.

it's like the people who can't get the plats are insecure and stoop to name calling to get their manliness back lol

Either way, great game I recommend it to anyone who likes action/stealth.. (and hasn't played sly series yet)

Ahmay3015d ago

actually enjoy terminator and hana...

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Neo Nugget3015d ago

I might just have to buy this instead of rent it.

Alos883015d ago

I'm guessing around 150 trophies, I imagine they will be easy to get too.

N4BmpS3015d ago

150 trophies would be completely and utterly preposterous (in a good way). That's why Sony more than likely made that a reality.

ThatArtGuy3015d ago

Because Burnout: Paradise has 99 total trophies.

despair3015d ago

it'll probably beat that, GOW 1 and 2 had 34 each so my guess it'll have about 100-110 total.

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The story is too old to be commented.