The most emotional moments in video games.

Long past are the times of video games being a rarity in the world. Video Games, dvds, books ext. all share the same part of our lives, and that is entertainment. But as the generations went on, the technolgies in which these games are made are increased and the attention to detail and dramatic elements in a video game have also increased. Games evolved so much in the past 4 years alone. Whether a tear, cringe or cry. Developers have learned to take key emotions from the gamers and exploit them in every way possibe. Here are the moments that at the very least made me shed a tear, or at the very most made me cry like a little cat. With out further or due... the most emotional moments in my gaming career

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Lord_Doggington3066d ago

why are they numbered #'s 1, 2, 1? Shouldn't it be 3,2,1? also, there are only 3 emotional moments..not much of a list. also, there's nothing to read. just a sentence and a link to some youtubes. thanks for the crap!

Fishy Fingers3066d ago

Yeah it's a pretty weak article, I was shocked to see it coming from GameInformer, but I think it's just a user blog post. An old one at that.

PoSTedUP3066d ago

yup MGS4 and otacon telling sonny about what happened to snake.

also Heavenly sword when Kai gets hung right in front of nariko. that just got to me :,(

rockleex3066d ago

The moment Otacon uttered those words, you realized that Snake was not just a hero... he was also human like the rest of us.

Just because someone can survive the Holocaust, doesn't mean they should have to.

Just because Snake can triumph over all those obstacles, doesn't mean he should have to.

Darkstorn3066d ago

"Snake....had a hard life." *tear

ReservoirDog3163066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Kingdom Hearts (spoilers!)

Half for the cutscene, half for finally beating Riku.

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gamelova3066d ago

The moment Agro fell off the cliff in Shadow of the Colossus right before facing off the final colossus, right before the final cutscene in MGS4 where Snake pulls the trigger on himself in a cinematically well crafted moment, pulling the master sword from the stone for the first time in Ocarina of Time. There are so many emotional moments in the games I played over the years.

Downtown boogey3066d ago

I think the best moment in MGS series is the moment when Otacon says out loud what seems to be a thing always considered an unnecessary notion in video games:

"Snake had a hard life."

That made Snake so much more of a relatable character. Everyone knows all of those action game heroes have pretty much fucked up lives but it's usually perceived as given. When Otacon, however, says that, it smashes the whole series in your head and makes you symphatetic for Snake.

darthv723066d ago

it was the first time I saved the princess from the castle only to be told that she was in another castle. I was so f-ing mad and emotional that I vowed from that moment I would not get to close to a virtual character again.

I almost got suckered in when Nei died in phantasy star 2 but I held true to my vow.

Ok ok all kidding aside, i have not played through the microwave level just yet but I am enjoying mgs4. I have seen the vids and been told it is both frustrating and emotional because you can almost feel the anguish he may be going through. And to be getting closer and closer and closer to the end of that tunnel.

J-Smith3066d ago

what an amazing game[you do have to play MGS1&2&3 to understand the emotions of it]

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Convas3066d ago

Having to kill all 4 of the B&Bs in MGS4. They were so beautiful. Such a shame that they were all f*cked in the head.

Fishy Fingers3066d ago

You didnt have to kill them though, that way you got that weird white room which was great.

Convas3066d ago

LOL, Japanese perversion at it's best. XD

Fishy Fingers3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Using tranqs on the B&B's rather than killing one had the same effect, you beat them, but after that you and the B&B appeared in a completely white "room", where she would do various poses for you if you aimed your camera on her. Let her get to close, she'd push you down and straddle Snake.

I'll attach a video, but there are probably better ones (first one I found).

Oh, and you got a little frog statue, collecting all 4 unlocked something, cant remember quite what though.

NecrumSlavery3066d ago

You can make it through the game without killing anyone humanoid just through destroying the psych bar instead of HP. You get a medal for it, I forget which one. MGS4 was intense. Crawling Scene in it was painful to watch. Emotionally sad, 20 years of growing to love the character and now you watch him suffer.

badz1493066d ago

the crawling scene actually made me scream "come on! come on! don't die on me, Snake!"

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Honest_gamer3066d ago

My most emotional moment was when naked snake killed the boss that was sad (MGS3), 2nd most emotional moment was FFX ending with tidus disappearing and my 3rd most emotional moment was the MGS4 radiation hall when you are crawling button bashing X listing to otocon almost crying telling you to keep going and don’t give up and watching the clips of everyone fighting at the top really made me feel like the hope of the world was on my shoulders and failure was not an option

telekineticmantis3066d ago

The microwave room in metal gear solid 4 absolutely captired me. That whole moment was so suspenseful.

solar3066d ago

yeah that was a great moment. i wouldve liked the ending of the game to be more powerful then it was.

mine would be running from the Guardian and the ending of HL2:Ep2. Oh, and the first time i saw the first boss in SoTC. that was truly and epic/intense feeling.

Acquiescence3066d ago

Everytime a cut-scene ended I was overcome with joy.

telekineticmantis3066d ago

It's unfortunate that metal gear was made for people who had a higher attention span than a newborn.

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