Boba Fett, 'Unleashed' again

Fan favorite Boba Fett is poised to steal scenes in another Star Wars adventure.

The bounty hunter who captured Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back has a date in the upcoming LucasArts video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (due Oct. 26, for all game systems).

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Zerodin2987d ago

Fucking WIN right there.

Jeff2572987d ago

I agree. I cant wait for this to come out. I really liekd the first despite the issues and I think so far the next looks like it will be much improved.

Poseidon2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

boba fett = win

Christopher2987d ago

Talk about star wars fan orgasms happening right now across the nation.

JsonHenry2987d ago

I never could understand how he ever had a chance in hell at actually capturing or killing any Jedi...

Nugundam00792987d ago

He is familiar with Mandalorian technique which enables him to take on Jedi--there was a Canon fight between Boba and Vader at one point--and Boba used a lightsaber >_> insane and odd I know

Solidus187-SCMilk2986d ago

As much as I think he is awesome, it was pathetic how boba fett was defeated in the movie.

For instance, boba fett supposedly crawled out of the pit and is a bad ass, but you sure cant tell from the movies.

homer2987d ago

Jango is better.Just had to throw that out there.

GodsHand2986d ago

My, my, my, backpack got jets
Im Boba the Fett, I bounty hunt for Jaba Hunt
to finance my vett.
I chill in deep space, with a mask over my face...

Motorola2986d ago

I thought he died in that hole with tentacles thing....

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Rucury2987d ago

Starkiller is doomed.

dinkeldinkse2987d ago

If you have ever played the Tattione DLC pack, then you would know that Starkiller wipes the floor with Boba.

stuntman_mike2987d ago

BOBA FETT!!!! wheres BOBA FETT...aaarrrgghhhhhh1!!

Droid Control2987d ago

too bad the game will suck - just like the first one.

Next gen in visuals, but not gameplay. Nice story though...

polestar42987d ago

Thats pretty sweet.Not till just few months ago i did not know any thing about thim BOBA FETT was just bad ass.I did not know all the lore till now.

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The story is too old to be commented.