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All video games are not created equal. Some games are purely action, while others more adventurous and focus in on a deep sense of exploration. One thing all games do have in common, though, is that each is a form of art, whether the mainstream media wants to admit it or not. The combination of animated visuals, mystical sounds, and an unknown outcome creates a sense of mystery and the way these elements come together each has their own appeal to select individuals. When a game comes along like Limbo, you get a sense of all these elements in a flowing title that connects them in a peaceful state of pure bliss and gaming harmony.

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Queasy3066d ago

Tried the trial game last night and loved it. Must purchase as soon as I get some free time.

MxShade3066d ago

reading about this reminds me of The Path, which was a pretty creepy artistic game too with a similar concept.

Queasy3066d ago

Never heard of it but I'll have to give it a look.

killyourfm3066d ago

Man, I've had The Path sitting in my D2D download list it as part of a bundle and have never fired it up. Thanks for the reminder!