The REAL Cost of Microsoft's Kinect

Gamervision's Sarah writes: "Earlier this week, an internal Microsoft document started making the internet rounds, displaying the "total cost of ownership" for the Xbox 360 and Kinect as opposed to the Wii or the PS3. Naturally, the memo was meant to show Kinect in the most positive light, which of course is Microsoft's prerogative. However, we know these things can get a little confusing, so we decided to show off the actual cost of ownership if you want to bring Kinect into your home, including the things Microsoft doesn't want you to know."


Move version is live:

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Hyrius3065d ago ShowReplies(7)
Game-ur3065d ago

He forgot the need for another TV to get 4 players.

trounbyfire3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

move bundle + another move = $150

that way if someone comes over you can play together
or if you don't play with anyone just get the move bundle for $100

no bias just facts

Mmmkay3064d ago

did it hurt that much?

vhero3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

The thing about Move is you don't HAVE to take turns. As for 4 player anybody who owns a wii will know 4 players is a must for a casual home. It comes as part of the casual package. I play with my kids on my wii so saying it's not needed is just sticking up for the fact MS don't have it.

@ below if you wanna talk about 4 players why you not included price of another console + Kinect + Subscription + TV? Your very biased.

AAACE53064d ago

@Game-ur... Since you want to talk about 4 players. Very few people play multiplayer at home as much as they used to due to online gaming, but i'll play along!

Ps3 = $300
Move + Sub-controller $80 (4 player $320)
Total = $620

The average 360 gamer will probably just accept the 2 player option and move on (no pun intended).

4 Gb 360 Kinect bundle = $300
250 Gb 360 Kinect bundle = $400 (you know they will announce this)

dragon823064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

If you are going to assume that the Xbox fans willl settle for two players than you can also assume that the PS3 fans will too. Otherwise you are just trying to stack the deck in favor of the Xbox. If you are going to compare you need to compare exactly the same setup.

Not only that but so far the only game that has been announced to require the navigation controller is the Fighting game and probably Socom 4. This will probably mean that most casuals will only buy the standard Move controller as it is all that is required for 99% launch games.

I know in my case I will only be buying 2 navigation controllers and probably four Move controllers. I did the same thing with my Wii. I also don't need the Sports disc that comes with the bundle as most of the games I already own are going to be patched for it.

Foliage3064d ago

Yeah, that was the most biased comparison I've ever seen.

Also, the navigation controller is not mandatory, since you can use your regular controller in it's place.

I can't believe you compared 4 players of move, against 2 players of Kinect... wow... biased much?

ATLGAMER3064d ago

i dont even have 4 controllers for my guys and your SAD SAD reasoning

Moentjers3064d ago

may be a Sony Bravia ?

Godmars2903065d ago

Do they mention any games worth buying a Kinects for?

Tony-A3065d ago

As of right now, "Xbox. Pause." is the killer app.

blumatt3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Yeah, really the Kinect is great for everything EXCEPT for the games. If I had a 360 and I were to buy it, it'd be for video chat and dashboard navigation.

Pennywise3065d ago

blumatt, you really think that waving your arm around to navigate the menu and saying is worth the price of admission? Do you think that is more idea that pushing a few buttons in the matter of a second?

You guys are getting excited to turn a two second task of navigation into swinging your arms and talking to your TV which will take way longer to do. It just makes me laugh. Xbox already has a camera for video chat and so does the PS3.

blumatt3065d ago

No, I don't have a 360, so I won't be getting it for sure. I meant hypothetically.

PAPERCHASER03963065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Languages will kinect recognize? What if you have an accent? How will it respond? I need this technical answer please

Edit*. To foolish people our U.S. does not equal the world

Godmars2903065d ago

Still waiting for Sony to announce an update for the PSeye that gives it a motion and voice command option on the XMB.

They can pretty much do it whenever they want.

TheTeam063065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Yeah, I'm waiting for that, as well. As of right now, they'll be letting you navigate through the XMB using the Move controller, but they have yet to do anything else.

I'm sure a simple firmware update can change that, but you know how Sony is.

zag3065d ago

lol he'll say and it'll take him to the personal settings page.

then xbox.back which goes to the xbox credits page.

then xbox.start which simply turns it off.

got to love voice control.

DaCandyman3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

What if someone has lisp? That'll p* off a lot of people that haven't grown out of it. Or a tounge thrust.

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Game13a13y3064d ago Show
cliffbo3065d ago

so when they do MOVE, don't forget this... ok

Darkspade3065d ago

your not aloud to bad mouth the PS3 here, N4G is a PS3 Heaven,

dragon823064d ago

I normally don't comment on stuff like this but I am just in that kind of mood tonight.

There are just as many Xbox fanboys on this site as PS3 fanboys. They all act exactly the same and they all troll every article they can. Stop trying to pretend this is a one sided site.

danielle0073065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Move actually has real games. That's the kicker. If M$ actually was showing ..... anything ...... worthwhile to play with Kinect, I don't think it would be getting nearly as much shiz as it currently is.

And I think that's why people are more forgiving of Move. It's certainly why I am, and I'm not a PS3 fangirl at all. I'm definitely not a motion controls fan either.

adamant7153065d ago

What if they don't have anything to show yet? Honestly you idiots don't even think.

zeeshan3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

@above: If they don't have anything to show YET then they shouldn't start collecting pre-orders. How do they expect me to buy a Kinect and pre-order one before I see the real games? Yet, they want us to start paying without showing anything! That's just plain dumb!

And you are the one calling other people idiot, Mr. Idiot!

CoBrAbOy3064d ago

That's what it comes down to...If M$ wasn't promoting "controllerless gaming" all the time, while showing nothing but casual games, then it wouldn't be getting the laughs aimed their way...

danielle0073064d ago

That's why we're not being early adopters with this potential piece of trash. If it ends up amazing and super decent, and not defective, AND is being used on legit super awesome games, then sure, I'll bite....

only months after it's launched though. M$ has released broken prototypes before, and undoubtedly improved on them pretty quickly. So, I'll wait to see if it's a broken prototype, and if it is, then I'll wait for the quick to follow fixed version.

Don't tell me I'm not thinking this through, pal. Because I am, much more than you are. You can't invest in something based on the hope that "oh, someday, there might be a good game for Kinect...." nono. That's not thinking.

HaVoK3083064d ago

Real games?? LMAO...what fucking world do you children live in?

SSKILLZ3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )


so what games are you interested to play on "Move" ?

@ havok308 we live in the world where there needs to be drawn a line
that separates casual games and Hardcore and we are not children you old man lol.

danielle0073064d ago

For lack of a better term, I guess I consider core games "real" games, and "games" like Kinectimals .. to be not so much of an actual game. Since, really, it's kind of not.

& I am going to be playing RE5 & Dead Space with Move.. and I am very much excited. :] Wooo!

Probably others, as well. But, I looved RE5 a bunch, and I think looking like a complete doofus with a friend playing it would be super fun. <3 Also, Dead Space might be less terrifying to me so I can actually play it through if I'm busy looking silly... Could happen. Let's hope. <3

SSKILLZ3064d ago

yes dead space for the move will be awesome! cant wait .

if you haven't played Dead Space for the Wii you're doing your self a favor that game was dope by the way It's a prequel to the 1st game.
(also the book Dead Space:Martyr came out yesterday for hardcore fans of the series).

Re5 co-op is the best just love it.

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