No conference with Nintendo at Leipzig

Unlike it has done in previous years, Nintendo has confirmed that it will not be presenting a conference at this year's Leipzig Games Convention in Germany.

Instead, the company has announced it will be conducting "media tours" around the event. A Nintendo UK spokesperson explained, "There is no press conference at Leipzig this year [...] What's going to happen instead is there will be media tours - groups of people that Nintendo Germany will take around the stands explaining the games to, and giving more detailed hands-ons to."

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MK_Red3913d ago

Why is Nintendo becoming more and more private and skip all these evensts like TGS and this?

RyuCloudStrife3913d ago

I dont Know its interesting

MK_Red3913d ago

Nintendo is really popular these days thanks to Wii craze & DS but they're release skipping a lot of events and don't have a lot of their own events like gamer's day. Strange and interesting indeed.

Xwow3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

after e3 they have nothing to show,at least nothing to rival what sony and MS have.

SofaKingReetodded3913d ago

you beat me to it, you can only talk about mario kart and wiifit so many times before the press starts saying "wtf".

Moac3913d ago

well, i think they don't go on these kind of events much because they really have a small lineup , the most of the games that are coming out are either Ports or Nintendo games.

freeza3913d ago

omg its the gamecube all over again

AllroundGamer3913d ago

yeah think so too, they got nothing to show anymore so they rather pass...

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