Possible New GTA IV Date: 3/3/2008

Update: EB Games has also updated the release date to 3/3/2008.

Some retailers have began to post new dates Grand Theft Auto IV. GameStops says it's March 3rd while says April 25th.

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RyuCloudStrife3857d ago

I thought It was until April

MK_Red3857d ago

Amazon is april but both EBgames and GameStop have updated their release dates to 3/3/2008 while BestBuy is still 2007.

Fisher3393857d ago

Thats the day after my B-day, looks like ill have to buy it, and not expect it on my b-day lol

Man if my mom could have kept me in her a little longer.

DEIx15x83857d ago

On Friday when I checked on Amazon it was listed with a release date of June 30, 2008.

RyuCloudStrife3857d ago

your right dark-dante the sooner the better

Double-Edged3857d ago

will care about this game next year... too many good games comming out already

Charlie26883857d ago

nope I dont like that does not fit my own personal agenda...needs to be sooner >.<

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The story is too old to be commented.