DC Universe Online Teases Something Legendary

First off, that's not a Batman costume I am familiar with. It reminds me of the bulkiness of Frank Miller's Dark Night, while Totilo suggested it looked a bit like Knight from Knight and Squire, the British Batman and Robin, though the chances of that being Knight are extraordinarily slim.

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SupaGamer2834d ago

That got me fired up. Are those evil versions? Batman looked weird and Superman definitely looked angry.

Christopher2834d ago

So... 5 minutes of that on GTTV tomorrow night? I'm game!

Brewski0072834d ago

Hell yeah, cannot wait!

Man loved the bat armor he had on. Thats was one pissed off bat.

OhReginald2834d ago

that's because it wasn't technically batman.

Its the British batman named the "Knight." hes from the Knight and Squire comics.

jaredhart2834d ago

Is the British Batman kind of like the Mexican Superman?

OhReginald2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

haha i guess if there were such thing lol ..i doubt it tho

hakis862834d ago

I hope I get a beta key! looks interesting

nickjkl2834d ago

does anyone know if theirs a fee after you purchase the game

nickjkl2834d ago

i think some one just doesn't like me because every time i post i almost instantaneously get a disagree


This just looks full of win! and has that $15 a month subscription been confirmed? Because i really really want this game

OhReginald2834d ago

there has always been a $15 subscription fee for DC universe online. I think you are being mistaken with "The Agency" which might be free to play, but of course you will need to buy the game.

Christopher2834d ago

There will likely be 3, 6, and 12-month options that lower the price per month as well, like other SOE subscription games. I'm wondering if this will be included in the SOE All-pass subscription plan as well.

j92834d ago

ive been waiting a long time for a decent dc game to come out, but $15 a month is a complete rip off

Karlnag32834d ago

Wow I'll definitely listen to you! I bet you have tonnes of experience with running MMO servers and the costs needed to continue to do so! No way I'm buying this now! /s

Ether2834d ago

It depends on how you look at it. $15 per month might be high compared to what console gamers are used to, but it would enable them to support the game with good severs, free content, etc.

Personally, I'm still not sold on this game, but I'll definitely be looking into it when it comes out.

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The story is too old to be commented.