Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy & Halo Reach Action Figurines

Yes you read the title right, Square Enix is releasing Halo: Reach figurines. It took me a while to figure it out, but it's happening. The Halo Reach Play Arts Volume 1 is the latest addition to the Play Arts -KAI- series of Square Enix products and will feature figures of the Noble Team members...

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CrzyFooL2736d ago

Everybody loves action figures!! amirite!?

gtamike2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Like Power Rangers, wait I see a connection here.

Bnet3432736d ago

They're not to play with but more like putting them on your desk in your office for show.

CBaoth2736d ago

don't you mean on the unfinished wood shelf in your mom's basement?

Spenok2734d ago

PVC action figures FTW!

Drjft2736d ago

I'm more excited about the Final Fantasy character to be honest. The Halo Reach Legendary figurine just has the best look of all time, it can't be beat! xD

Reddit2736d ago

The Final Fantasy one will look sweet I reckon.

theonlylolking2736d ago

Halo is now officially a milked series.

Cheeseknight282736d ago

Every single time, huh?

You act like there haven't been action figures made for Halo already, and that this news somehow makes the series that much worse.

theonlylolking2736d ago

Not just action figues I mean even square having halo. Now thats some milking.

SixZeroFour2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

wait? cause it has action figures? (which 3 and odst had as well by mcfarlane)

guess your willing to admit that mgs is a milked series?


EDIT: btw, i personally dont think either franchise is being milked, its just what big franchises just showing what he is basically saying with regards to another big fanchise

ExitToExisT2736d ago

why not make kane&lynch action figures Square, you know one of the games you publish

Drjft2736d ago

Yeah how bizarre is it?

SixZeroFour2736d ago

they DO make final fantasy action figure...but i too was surprised at the praise they were giving to the halo series (from the waypoint interview)

interesting to see this, cause now they are competing with mc farlane toys

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