DC's Mass Effect, Killzone, God Of War Toys Up Close & Totally Awesome

Toy and collectible maker DC Direct has some lovely looking action figure offerings coming later this year and well into 2011, all of which were on display at Comic-Con 2010. From Mass Effect to Twisted Metal, let's take a look!

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Christopher2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Didn't care for the Zeus one because of how corny the lighting balls looked in the figurine. The others look nice, though.

Edit: Should be noted that Dragon Age: Origins figurines are also coming out at the same time as the ME2 figurines (September 1, 2010).





Megaton2917d ago

Why is Tali's visor bright pink? Wrex and Jack or GTFO.

Love the GoW Hades and the Sweet Tooth.

table2917d ago

Tali is a legend. Jack's a loose cannon.

jaredhart2917d ago

I might have to but a Kratos figure.

blodulv2917d ago

I sincerely hope you mean ***buy*** ;)

MariaHelFutura2917d ago

I bought Mass Effect 2 today, I`m just a bit in but it`s amazing. Such a great start to a game.

BeaArthur2917d ago

Make sure you check out the DLC. There is some great content in there as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.