WorthPlaying: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "If you ever need proof that a franchise is not invincible, just look at Guitar Hero. In a relatively short four years, the series has gone from being the icon of music-based games, turning genre originator Konami into the perennial also-ran outside of Japan, to being a massive sales failure associated with several lawsuits, while the primary North American competing product, Rock Band, has only grown more profitable. The blame lies with the utter glut of releases in 2009 — eight by my count, three of which weren't on the main consoles that made the series famous. That's not even counting DJ Hero, which may represent Activision's worst nightmare: a critically acclaimed sales flop. The results weren't pretty, and Activision responded by dissolving its RedOctane division and the Guitar Hero team."

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