Sin & Punishment: Star Successor Review (DualShockers)

DualShockers writes, "Sin & Punishment: Star Successor can be described, as basically as possible, as an airplane shooter that uses pointer controls. The game takes its liberties to go in any direction it pleases, so you can’t call it either a vertical shooter nor a horizontal shooter. The player can also take their liberties on which direction they want to shoot with the pointer controls, but there are some aspects that you cannot control. I will try to explain why the best way I can: There are enemies on the left and the right of the player’s character, so you shoot at them on a 2D plane. Simple enough. Now, as this is going on, there are also enemies in the background. When you point at those enemies, you shoot in the 3rd dimension, shooting towards the background...."

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JoelT3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

why do I already smell a PS Move port on the way? Why???????

Hitman07693064d ago

Interesting, that would be totally awesome and this game does look great but I have a feeling Nintendo wouldn't let that happen. That's just my opinion though, you never know.

SpoonyRedMage3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Because you're the type of moron who thinks Nintendo allows their IPs to be on other systems.

JoelT3064d ago

someone can't take a joke. Did i need more question marks to make it sound like sarcasm?

Hitman07693064d ago

Lol Spoony, what did this comment look like BEFORE you edited it... I wonder.

eagle213064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

It's Nintendo published man. :)

En Vogue please sing: never gonna get it, neva gonna get, neeeva gonna get it, neva get it....wa-woo-wooo-wooo-wooo..L OL

Hitman07693064d ago


Yes , 7 question marks = totally serious, whereas 8-9 question marks = possibly sarcastic and 10+ = this guy's a lunatic.

Please use this chart for future references

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Games4M - Rob3064d ago

I quite like my heavy stylised shooty type games (Soldner) so this looks like quite a decent title.

That said i still cant get my head around the control sceme that is being described - is this thing on rails or what ?

Rubberlegs3064d ago

Yes its a rail shooter, the entire game is on rails.

darthv723064d ago

Thanks to VC on the wii I am able to play the original. Classic Treasure style and graphics. On rails but then again fun to play. This will be no different and I will gladly add it to my collection.

SHMUPS need to make a serious return. Soldner X is fun and challenging. I want more of the old school ones like thunder force, rtype, gradius. Hell, i would love to see updates to gaires and other shmups.

Mahr3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

"is this thing on rails or what ?"

Yes. Most of the game plays like Space Harrier/Panzer Dragoon/Star Fox.

edit: beaten like a redheaded stepchild. curses.

Venox20083063d ago

but you can freely float on screen and dodge bullets and see your character..

3063d ago
Spenok3062d ago

This looks pretty good. Ill buy it when it drops in price a little.