3 Tips Every Girl Should Know: Dating a Gamer

From one girl to another we break down the 3 basic rules of dating a gamer.

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SeanRL2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

1. Put on a white t-shirt
2. Get it wet
3. If he's not gay he'll get off the game

(Results may vary if you're ugly)

UnwanteDreamz2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

But they wont! They are lazy and expect you to get off the game so they can tell you about their day.

I don't care what you ate for lunch! I JUST DIED BECAUSE OF YOU! LEEME LONE!

Sarah you are doing GODS work my child. Spread the good word to all those other females.

rockleex2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Is not really a vampire in real life.

Well Captain Obvious, what else could you tell me that I already know?

That's exactly how we feel when they tell us that "its just a game".

By the way, no one really says "its just a game" anymore these days. If you do, you need to get with the times lad!

WildArmed2979d ago

I loved the first one..
its NEVER just a game.. -.-
I just wish my GF understood that.
It's never JUST a TV show for her =/

Oh well, u live with what you got lol

Man I couldn't stop laughing for the longest time when I read:
' These are the same girls that can’t sleep at night because Dillon with the puppy-dog eyes broke up with Christine, the poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks with the heart of gold, in whatever romantic-comedy drama is now on NBC'


MiamiACR2980d ago

Or like me, just get a girl that plays God of War, Call of duty, and Heavy rain to play with you. Or in god of wars case take turns, in heavy rains case we switch around the controllers based on characters we pick before we start the game. Keeps it fun and engaging for the both of us, maybe I'm the lucky one but you guys should seriously try it out.

Prototype2980d ago

here's one

1. Strip naked
2. Stand in front of TV
3. If he dies he's staring at you; extra credit if he puts the controller down right then and jumps on you

Christopher2980d ago

Can't wait till you guys are married.

GodsHand2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Me too.

Wait, you can't marry your hand!

UnwanteDreamz2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Why would anyone go and do that. It is a contract that legaly binds you and your property to another person.

Sounds like slavery to me. Find a good woman and treat her right and you wwont have to marry her. Well I been with the same women for 10 years and if we got married we would be divorced within 6 months.

Christopher2980d ago

***Why would anyone go and do that. It is a contract that legaly binds you and your property to another person. ***

My love already binds me and my property to her. Our marriage is a sign to others of that love.

DasBunker2980d ago

just whatever you do dont give me a BJ in the middle of a boss fight

HDgamer2979d ago

(Results may vary if you're ugly and he's drunk)

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retrovertigo2980d ago

I think we should have the article written the other way around. What a gamer guy should know about dating a girl.

SSKILLZ2980d ago

including gaming skills and what are there reactions when they get owned !

Prototype2980d ago

And I wouldn't read it, I never dated :D

AdvanceWarsSgt2980d ago

1. Feed me
2. **** me
3. Shut the **** up

Kakihara2980d ago

This girl should win the Nobel prize in being awesome.

Jrome2980d ago

"When they hear our sweet voices over the blue-tooth suddenly those grenade team-kills are forgiven."

Lol, so true. I'm a sucker for girls online.

Prototype2980d ago

Where are these gamer girls? I swear all I run into are guys who want to play the female or preteens whose parents aren't around

Jrome2980d ago

Lol I was going to add a reference to that in my comment in the first place. They are VERY rare lol.

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