PSN To Get Neo Geo Back Catalogue?

D4 Publisher has submitted several Neo Geo classics to ESRB for PS3/PSP age classification, such as Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, Super Sidekicks, Metal Slug and more.

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retrovertigo2944d ago

As long as they're not priced at $200/piece like they were in stores MANY years ago, I might pick up a few!

ikkokucrisis2944d ago

What's even worse was that most Neo Geo games could be finished after only a couple of hours =/

FarEastOrient2944d ago

Finally they are hopefully bringing them to the States! I've been playing them for months now but they were downloaded from the Japanese PSN.

Greywulf2944d ago

(watches 360 fans have no clue what the hell a neo-geo is)

kaos_fish II2944d ago

Most Sony fans won't either.. I remember Neo Geo though and people thought the PS3 was pricey have no idea..

ShinMaster2944d ago

Says who? I think a lot of people remember the Neo Geo.

ThatArtGuy2944d ago

Neo Geo was the real "hot dog."

BkaY2944d ago

good times.. back in 1997... i whooped a guys azz in KOF 94 with the wining streak of 64.. in the end of 65 win... he snapped and pushed me off the freaking chair... i was 15 and he was like 28yrs....and he was a pretty good player....

i was laughing my azz off....


Baliw2944d ago

With multiplayer online. Oh Yeah!


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UnwanteDreamz2944d ago

Neo Geo Fighting games take me back.

kassatsu2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

King of Monsters Please.

RedPawn2944d ago

I want a translated version of the Samurai Shodown RPG, King of Fighters 2002 UM Tougeki, & Rage of the Dragons.


2k2 Tougeki is NOT a Neo geo release. That's the Taito X2 hardware. Sprites have more animation and more color so that one is impossible.

RedPawn2944d ago

Yeah I know it's not a original Neo Geo title, but the PS3 could easily run the game, it's on the PS2 afterall.

Baliw2944d ago

Gimme Samurai Shodown RPG!

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The story is too old to be commented.