"The Longest Video Games I've Ever Played" Nicholas Ward AC

Nicholas Ward AC : "I have certainly played a lot of long video games in my time. I love RPG games because they provide hours upon hours of entertainment, and many of them feature a re-playability level that far exceeds any other game genre. With that said here is my list of the top five longest video games I've ever played."

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SeanRL3039d ago

Fallout 3 for me, 300+ hours.

Can't wait to be put to shame by the mmo players lol.

Darkstorn3039d ago

That can't be healthy...

Jerk1203039d ago

I've clocked some 180 on Fallout 3 and some 250 on Oblivion.

Obviously during a lot of breaks.

Bethesda truly makes addicting games.

Darkstorn3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Morrowind GOTY is my record, I think. About 50 hours. The first Fable is up there too (because I replayed it like 7 times).

EDIT: Dragon Age was 48 for me.

NecrumSlavery3038d ago

I am about 130 hours on Fallout 3, and I haven't done Point Lookout yet.

I think also there was FF VII which I maxed out on level, the time clock stop, so thats 99:99:99+ hours there.

And of course Pokemon Silver, which I probably put in at least 100 hours in.

GWAVE3038d ago

I've sunk about 650+ between Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and Freedom Unite.

However, by merit of the main storyline, Dragon Quest 7 is probably the longest game I've played. To complete the main quest with minimal sidequesting, you still have to sink 80-100 hours into it.

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Nitrowolf23039d ago

yeah i have clocked around 200+ for monster hunter on the ps2

Imperator3038d ago

I put 60 hours+ into most Pokemon games. About 150 hours in Diamond (I think that's the most). In total, I'd say Pokemon games have taken a good 300 hours+ of my life. And around 200 hours in Empire Total War. Of course, that's been across many years.

rroded3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

i think thats the most ive seen recorded bout the same on SA oblivion maybe 200 ffv maybe 100 (playing it again now lol) Jus remembered pools of radiance on the com 64 prob over a thousand hours on that series...

damn suffice ta say ive played a lot of games lol

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Tangostarr3039d ago

World of Warcraft is the winner for me, 214 days of played time before I decided to take a break. Havn't decided if I'm gonna keep playing or not. The closest to WoW for me would probably be GTA: San Andreas.

Imperator3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

5000+ hours?? Wow. I honestly don't think I could ever play a game for that long.

Tangostarr3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Thats just my main character too. Although with WoW a lot could be idle time too... I still probably shouldn't give anymore of my life to that game.

romalias23039d ago

heh It's crazy how MMOS take up sooo much time... but I think it was about console games only and holy crap 300+ on fallout Oo

Dnied3038d ago

I don't even think they just meant console games, i think they meant games with the longest story, or the longest game to get through start to finish etc.

I dunno? am i wrong? lol

Drummerdude413038d ago

Since i started playing i've clocked in over 1500 hours in diablo 2 lod! That sounds like alot but i've been playing it for 10 years so thats about 150 a year.

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